Thursday, April 10, 2014

Next #BizHeroes! Optimizing your Social Media Presence with Ian Cleary

Today, more than ever, your social media strategy and presence need to be on target to catapult your brand past the competition -- but how? 

Social Media has taken the world by storm. It's completely changed the way we network, communicate and market to an audience. According to Hubspot, US Internet users spend 3x more minutes on blogs & social networks than on email. Twitter and Facebook alone have more than 1 billion users combined!

This week on #BizHeroesTweet-guest Ian Cleary will share tips, tools and tactics to help you optimize and hit your social media bull’s eye.

Ian is co-founder of the award winning site RazorSocial, speaker and a leading global expert on social media tools and technology -- and has the muscle to prove it! He and his partner, Collete, have grown the RazorSocial newsletter from zero to 100,000 readers per month in just more than one year!

Join us and let's pick Ian's brain together on what's hot and what's not in the world of social media!

Date: Tuesday, April 15th
Time: 8PM Central European Time, 11 am PST, 2PM EST 

Topic Questions:

Q1 How can I target the right people for my business?
Q2 How can I get better results with my content?
Q3 How can I convert site traffic to customers?
Q4 Which tools should I use to analyze my results?

PS: You can find Ian @IanCleary  on Twitter. Give him a follow and then head over to the Razor Social newsletter and subscribe. You won't be sorry!

Monday, April 7, 2014

This week on #BizHeroes: "Getting Started with Social Selling" w/ Barbara Giamanco

Is your sales strategy aligned for success and social centered selling?

According to a study conducted by eMarketer in 2013: “Nearly 1 in 4 people in the world use social networks”. There were a total of 1.73 billion social media users in 2013, a number that is expected to increase to a thriving 2.55 billion within the next five years.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, small business owner or part a larger organization, this is a complete game changer if you are in sales.

Join us and industry Social Selling leader, Barbara Giamanco, Tuesday, April 8th for #BizHeroes. Barbara will be sharing tips, tactics and everything you need to know to shift your sales approach from “using social media to sell” to “social centered selling”.

For pre-chat reading dive into our two-part interview with Barbara “Getting Started with Social Selling” and "Speed up Your Sales with Social Selling” and grab a copy of her book, The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media.

If you're not following Barbara yet on Twitter, head over to @BarbaraGiamanco and say hi. She's as friendly as she is knowledgable!

BizHero: Barbara Giamanco
Date: Tuesday, April 8th
Time: 8PM Central European Time, 11 am PST, 2PM EST

Topic Questions:
Q1. What is social centered selling?
Q2. What are the common mistakes of using social media to sell?
Q3. How can I reach my prospects?
Q4. People talk a lot about sharing content, why does that matter?
Q5. Is one platform stronger than another for social selling?
Q6. What can I do in 15 minutes each day to improve?

Monday, March 31, 2014

#BizHeroes with Ekaterina Walter: How to Market Your Business with Visual Storytelling

Khalil Gibran once said that "next to hunger and thirst, our most basic human need is for storytelling".

But in today's world where your consumers are faced with more content than ever before, how do you break through messaging noise to reach your audience and tell your story?

Through visual storytelling!

This week on #BizHeroes Chat Social Media trailblazer, co-founder and CMO of BRANDERATI and WSJ best selling author Ekaterina Walter joins us to talk about how you can effectively leverage videos, image and social media to market your business.

Ekaterina will share her research, strategy, tips, tactics and jaw-dropping stats from her new book The Power of Visual Storytelling.  (You definitely want a copy of this book on your shelf. It's golden!)

BizHero: Ekaterina Walter
Date: Tuesday, April 1st
Time: 8PM Central European Time, 11am PST, 2pm EST

Update: 14 million impression! View the chat transcript here!

Topic questions:

Q1. What is visual storytelling?
Q2. How does visual content strengthen a brand or help grow a business?
Q3. What are the essential elements of visual storytelling?
Q4. How can marketers (with any sized budget) get started?
Q5. Where do I need to be? Which platform and what type of content.
Q6. Ekaterina success tips: what’s your advice on getting started

Join us Tuesday for a knock-out power chat with @ekaterina. She's as awesome as she is knowledgable. You don't want to miss this chat!

See you Tuesday!

Monday, March 24, 2014

This week on #BizHeroes: Blogging for a global audience w/ @cendrinemedia

For author Ernest Hemingway, writing came naturally. "All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know”, he once said.

Sounds pretty simple, right? The truth is we don't all have Hemingway's ease with words and putting thoughts together may not always be the simplest of tasks. But, whether we want to teach something, share an opinion or document part of our lives - we all have a story to tell and very innovative tools to help us share it with the world.

This week on #BizHeroes, blogger, author, journalist and owner of Social Media Slant, Cendrine Marrouat will be  discussing "Blogging for a global audience". Join us for a enriching conversation about best blogging practices, inspiration and tips that can apply to everyone, from beginners all the way to advanced blogging gurus.

Our BizHero: Cendrine Marrouat, Blogging for a global audience
Date: Tuesday, March 25th
Time: 8pm Central European Time, 12pm PST, 3pm EST

Follow the transcript here

Chat Topic: Blogging for and building a global audience 

Q1: How do I determine my potential audience?

Q2: Is writing for a global audience different than a local audience?

Q3: Where do you find inspiration and ideas for your articles?

Q4: How do you deal with writer’s block?

Q5: How often should I blog?

Looking to get your blog in top shape and wonder how you can drive traffic to it? Well, if you haven't yet purchased Cendrine's ebook, The Little Big eBook on Blogging: 40 Traffic Generation Tips, I suggest you do. It is a truly fantastic deal and it has just been revised. It includes valuable information on generating traffic for your blog.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Why you should curate content: #BizHeroes TweetChat with @evrenk

We live in the era of content overload where "getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant" as Mitchell Kapor, founder of Lotus Development Corporation once described.

How can we keep the valuable content and toss away the rest? What is the role of the curator and are they helping us tame the content jungle and navigate content shock?

This week at #BizHeroes, Content strategist Evren Kiefer will share his ideas, best practices and tips on the value content curation brings and why we need to be curating content before sharing it.

Our BizHero: Evren Kiefer, Content Curation
Date: Tuesday, March 18th
Time: 8pm Central European Time, 12pm PST, 3pm EST (day light savings! Check here for your time)

View the chat transcript here!

Chat Topic: Content Curation

Q1. Why do you curate content?

Q2. How do you know when a piece of content is relevant?

Q3. How can we evaluate content quality?

Q4. What content do you feel can safely be dismissed? What have you decided not to pay attention to?

Q5. How do your curation efforts communicate your (or your brand’s) values and does it really elicit trust?

Q6. What are the most effective tools for content curation?

Image licensed under Creative Commons by Will Lion

Monday, March 10, 2014

This week on #BizHeroes: Small Business Team Building with @kNoeledge

One of the greatest feelings as a business owner is quite possibly the day you can hire team members to help grow your dream.

But bringing a new dream team up to speed can add unforeseen stress and complexity. Subtle factors such as personality, cultural diversity and current work or life experience can all have a major impact on the success of your team...

So how can you ensure your team's a success? For starters, begin with solid team building.
"But there's only a few of us in my company!" you say... I hear you, but don't let the numbers fool you.

A team can be as small as just you and a partner or involve numerous people. Small business owners are putting an increasing emphasis on team building activities to improve productivity, increase motivation, foster problem solving and encourage creativity -- and with outstanding results. 

Ready to get started? 

This Tuesday trainer, coach, team builder and Small Business owner Noel Gray joins us on #BizHeroesto talk about what it takes to get a winning team off the ground and move past surviving to thriving!

Our BizHero: Noel Gray, owner of kNoeledge
Date: Tuesday, March 11th
Time: 8pm Central European Time, 12pm PST, 3pm EST (day light savings!)

Chat Topic: Small Business Team Building

Q1. Is there a process for team building, or does it happen on it's own?
Q2. What (or who!) can get in the way of team building?
Q3. What's the role of the team leader?
Q4. How can you offset conflict in your team? 
Q5. How can we use social media to help team building?

Looking for some pre-chat reading? Here's a post highlighting the four phases teams go through before they can succeed: forming, storming, norming and performing. We'll definitely be talking about this on Tuesday!

Bring your curiosity, team building tips and team spirit and join @kNoeledge@MagdaATQ and myself, @kdhungerford for #BizHeroes!

If you can't make the chat you can view the transcript here.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New! dashboard, optimized mobile experience and a fresh new look

Today we are thrilled to announce the release of new version of This latest release is designed to bring publishers numerous benefits such as increased efficiency in curation, promotion and customization and deliver an optimized viewing experience for readers across tablets and mobile devices.

The new version of sports an all-around cleaner, more streamlined and modern look and feel. We're really excited about these new features and think you will be too.

Publishers using the free service have been automatically switched to the new version and any papers created from here out will also boast the new look and feel.

All existing Pro publishers will have thirty days to manually switch their papers over to the newest version of You can read more about making the switch here.

New sidebar menu, increased productivity

The biggest boost in this release is the complete redesign of the publisher's dashboard with time saving forefront and center.  Now publishers can add a source, edit content and customize a paper without ever leaving the front page of a If you've been publishing with us for any amount of time, you'll appreciate this improvement.

A simple to navigate right-hand side sidebar menu gives you access to all your paper's settings in once place and a left sidebar provides access to your account settings, favorites and papers.

This new logic not only provides better transparency over settings and options, but helps you publish content easier and faster, shaving minutes off your daily routine.

Mobile optimization, stickier reading experience 

While most publishers use the desktop app to curate and edit their papers, close to half of daily readers visit Paper.lis from mobile devices. We expect this figure to grow blow through the roof this year so we've begun the first of a series of improvements for mobile readers. 

For phones we've redesigned the experience to draw readers to your strongest content, your headline articles. Topic section content easily accessible via expandable sections and video and image viewing has been vastly improved by displaying them to readers with a horizontal swipe instead of a vertical scroll. 

On tablets our responsive design allows for optimal viewing across all sizes of screens and the new sidebar menu offers ultra simplified access to paper settings. Now you can curate and promote with ease on the go.

Fresh look and feel, cleaner design

With our last paper refresh taking place well over a year ago, it was time for a paper "pick me up".  You told us that you'd be open to changes without changing the overall look and feel too much, so we made some subtle changes to give your paper a visual boost.

So what's new?

The overall layout of the paper has been updated to carry a softer, more modern look and feel.

One of the most noticeable enhancements is a new "sticky" topics bar that displays all papers sections for that edition. The topics bar remains in a fixed position as your readers scroll down your page, guiding your readers better through your content and lending to an overall better reading experience. 

Share buttons have been relocated to the lefthand side of your paper, making it faster and easier for readers to share your paper.

We've also put more emphasis on the publisher profile and ad units have been readjusted to align better down the right hand side of the paper. Take a look and I'm sure you'll find some other nice enhancements as well.

Let us know what you think!

We're really excited about this new release and we're curious to hear what you and your readers think. Your feedback, ideas and opinions help shape the service so don't be shy! Leave us a note below or Tweet us @Smallrivers with your feedback or questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Achieve your dreams with actress and entrepreneur @NatashaYounge on #BizHeroes

Confucius once said "choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life." We know sometimes it isn't that easy though. It takes a lot of strength and determination to follow personal dreams and professional goals. Have you made your dream job happen yet? 

With three Shorty Awards under her belt for The Younge Hollywood Blast and a thriving digital niche in the world of entertainment, Natasha Younge, a London-trained actress living in Los Angeles, comedian, entrepreneur (and publisher) is doing just that. 

At the next #BizHeroes Natasha will share her expertise with us how entrepreneurs can reach their dreams without losing sight of the end goal -- and how social media can help you get there.

BizHero: Natasha Younge
Date: Tuesday, March 4th
Time: 11am PST, 1pm CST, 20h CET

The chat transcript can be found here! 

Topics for this week's TweetChat:

 Q1. What's the first step in realizing your dream? 

 Q2. What's more important when building a business - productivity or creativity ?

 Q3. How do you harness creativity on a daily basis? 

 Q4. As an actress, what platform do you use to show your true self to the world?

 Q5. How can you steer clear of falling victim to your fears?

Q6. How does your online community help you achieve your goals?

Follow Natasha on Twitter @NatashaYounge and get to know her better by visiting her site and reading my interview with her. See you tomorrow night!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Build Community with @AliceKrueser on this week's #BizHeroes

Communities are awesome and essential for every business. But how do you get started building one?

This week on #BizHeroes Small Business owner and publisher Alice Krueser shares her tips on how she has built a thriving community for art enthusiasts, collectors and artists across multiple platforms.

Date: Tuesday, February 25
Time: 11am PST, 1pm CST, 20h CET

The chat transcript can be found here!

Topics for this week's TweetChat:

Q1. What comes first when starting a new business: community building or finding customers?
Q2. What if a Small business owner doesn’t have a blog?
Q3. What role can curated content play in growing a community?
Q4. Does a “one type of content” approach across platforms work?
Q5. What drives engagement on Facebook?
Q6. Is word of mouth marketing as important for small businesses as it is for known brand

Join @MadgaATQ and @AliceKrueser and share your best practices, tips and advice on building community. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Create Buyer Personas with #BizHeroes @JeremiahJWright & @JessikaPhillips

Have you ever heard the term 'buyer personas' and wondered what those are and why you should care about them?

Join us at the next #BizHeroes TweetChat and find out!
This week Jeremiah Wright and Jessika Phillips, from the internet marketing agency NOWMarketing Group will join us as guest hosts on #BizHeroes, Tuesday, February 18th to talk about why personas are essential for targeting the right people to purchase your service or product and how to get started creating them. 

We were excited to learn that is one of their favorite inbound marketing tactics. In fact, NOWMarketing publishes and manages more than 30 Paper.lis for their clients (tailored to buyer personas!) and dominate the curated topic of "Assisted Living Communities".

They've even created an ebook based on their experience with It's full of best practices, useful tips and good, all around helpful information. Definitely worth checking out.

Here are the details for the upcoming chat: 

Date: Tuesday, Feb 18th, 20h CET, 2PM EST
Topic: How to Creating Buyer Personas for your Business
BizHeroes: Jessika Phillips and Jeremiah Wright, NOWMarketing Group

The chat transcript can be found here!

Topic Questions:

1. What are Buyer Personas & Why should you care about them?
2. How are Personas different than Target Markets?
3. What is an Inbound Marketing Funnel?
4. How do you get started creating Buyer Personas?
5. What value do they bring to your marketing efforts?
6. How can you use to reach Personas?

Lastly, be sure to check out this video on buyer personas and if you aren't already following @JeremiahJWright@JessikaPhillips and @NOWMG, it's time! See you Tuesday!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Who's your Business Hero? Join us Tuesdays for #BizHeroes and meet ours!

Our community is as diverse as the papers on the newsstand and home to some of the most knowledgeable and helpful people on the internet. And we'd like to introduce you to them!

Join us Tuesday night at 20:00 Central European Time (1pm CST) for our new #BizHeroes Chat and meet the publishers, and business heroes, across all niches of the community.

The chat is an opportunity to learn new strategies, tactics and tips from a broad range of topic experts in the community who are as knowledgeable and passionate about their interests as they are about lending their expertise to help others.

It's also a one more great opportunity for us to promote the people we love most: our publishers!

Next chat: February 11th, 20:00 CET, 1pm CST
Bizhero: Mack Collier
Topic: Fans vs. Influencers

The transcript for this chat can be found here!

Topic questions: 

1 -When should a brand work with their fans?  What are the benefits?
2- When does it make sense to work with influencers?
3 - How do you choose if it's better to work with fans or influencers?

A word about Mack:

Mack is an author, #blogchat founder, publisher of the BlogChat Weekly and a selfless sharer of knowledge, wisdom and wit across social channels today.

Last year Mack introduced his book, Think Like a Rock Star to help people and companies build social and marketing strategies that will turn customers into fans. The book offers something to everybody regardless of company size or budget, and is even playing a role in shaping an ambassador program here at

You can find great pre-reading for tomorrow night's chat here on Mack's blog. If you don't have Mack on your radar yet, be sure to follow him at @MackCollier.

Both Magda and I look forward to meeting and greeting you tomorrow night at #BizHeroes. See you then!

Monday, January 27, 2014

How to manually add content to your

Have you tried using the Publish-it bookmarklet to manually add content to your recently?

This is a great feature and it has been around for awhile. In fact, we launched it back in 2011 and I was recently surprised to see it was one of the more frequently searched terms on our support forum the past couple of weeks.

So I thought it was time for a short "what, why and how" on using the Publish-it bookmarklet.

What is a bookmarklet? A bookmarklet is a javascript bookmark that you store on your favorites or bookmarks bar that allows you to easily save content to a service. In our case, the Publish-it bookmarklet helps you add a favorite article, image or video to your paper.

Why should you use it? We do our best to fetch and deliver the content you've asked us to daily, but it's possible that we miss a piece that you think is relevant to your community along the way.

The bookmarklet is a great way to fill in any content holes you find and is a convenient way to add content on the fly when you come across it.

Here are three ways the bookmarklet can help you:

  • Curate a paper from "just about" scratch. Perhaps you want a finely tuned paper with not a lot of content. You may add just one source to lightly populate your paper and use the bookmarklet to add in the rest. I speak to numerous consultants who use this approach. They add only their blog's RSS as a feed and curate in the other handful articles they want to share with their community. 
  • Keep your weekly looking like a daily. Many publishers want the ease of a weekly with the "freshness" of a daily and with the smallest amount of time possible spent on grooming. The bookmarklet is perfect for this. It allows the addition of new content to a paper during the week without refetching the base content. 
  • Collaboration. The bookmarklet is a time saver for teams, departments, event organizers or anyone working together on a Any collaborator on a paper can install the bookmark in their favorites and add content on the fly.  Distributing workload frees up a little more time for everyone. Additionally group curation can lend to a nice (or eclectic!) blend of content on a paper. That's fun!

We just improved the bookmarklet  with new functionality. Now it's possible to categorize the piece of content you've selected before you add it to a paper. This is exremeley helpful in reducing the time spent on editing and re-categorizing content if you don't like the topic we've assigned to it.

How to install it: here's a short 90 second video on how to get going with the bookmarklet. In truth the installation is done in about 5 seconds. We took 90 because we enjoy chatting.  

Give it a try and leave a comment below. Let me know what you think and if you find it helpful.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A simpler way to edit: drag-and-drop!

Last month we sent out a short survey to find out more about what you like about, how the service is working for you and where we can improve.

Your responses were great and we're still sifting through the 4000+ that came back -- thank you! And thanks for your patience while we get back to everyone who left an email address.

In short, the number one thing that users love about is that the service helps you save a lot of time in monitoring blogs , RSS and alerts by bringing the content you are looking for to one place.

You also like that we deliver your content on your behalf via email to your subscribers, help you strengthen your ties with your community and, in general, help you do so much for so little money: free to $9 a month fits most budgets.

When it came to features though, there was one place that we weren't doing you any favors or saving you time: editing your content. You made it clear we that we were making it a lot more work than it needed to be and we weren't giving you enough control of the content on your papers. Ouch!

We listened and reworked what wasn't working for you!

Today we launched a new and revamped editing process, making it quicker and easier for you to delete articles, photos and video, blacklist sites and sources and reposition your content. Here's what's new for you -

Drag and drop: 

Now you can rearrange the content posts within the current topic section on the front page, or move them to an entirely different topic section by drag-and-drop. Photos and videos can easily be reorganized within their section as well.

This enhancement gives you complete control over content placement, ensuring that the content you determine key for your community is where you want it! and easy for your viewers to find.

Content reassignment:

If you prefer to edit and curate content specifically from Topic pages or the See All Articles page, you can do that too.

We've added a nifty drop down menu making it easy for you to reassign your content to a new topic section and automatically moving your favorite content to the front page.
The Publish-it bookmarklet will be adapted shortly to reflect Topic Sections, allowing you to curate the content directly to the Topic Section you specify. 

One-click delete and blacklisting: 

We've decreased the time you will spend on page editing by removing the drop down menu and implementing a lighting fast one-click delete and blacklisting functionality.

This enhancement, as slight as it is, is one of my favorites because it is a huge time saver. Anyone who grooms papers daily will probably agree that this small tweak alone is the biggest gift of all.

We've listed all of the specifics in this post. Leave a comment below and let us know how the improvements are working for you. Feel free to share what you feel is still missing and what can be improved further.

Before I go, a quick holiday reminder! If you haven't taken us up on our "Elf Branding" special offer this month, do it! It's a fa-la-la-fantastic deal!


Friday, December 6, 2013

Upgrade to Pro and we'll help you customize!

December is here and 2014 is just around the corner! That means a lot of shopping, socializing and planning to 'get things done' before the New Year arrives.

We know that sometimes getting things done is easier said than actually 'done' we've devised a plan to help!

Upgrade to Pro this December and we'll help you brand your paper!

Custom adverts, banners or custom CSS... it's up to you. Simply tell us what you need, and we'll lend you a branding elf to get the job done.

To get started, send an email to elf(at) with
  • your url
  • a website or blog for branding reference
  • and two ways (below) that we can help you
For standard Pro papers (on the domain) we can

    a. create a new banner image
    b. create background and thumbnail cover
    c. creating custom ad inserts (advertising your business, social platforms...)

For Pro papers on custom domains, we can help you by
    a. create a custom banner, cover thumbnail and favicon
    b. implementing custom social follow/share buttons
    c. creating a custom header
    d. creating a custom footer

Not sure how to set up a custom domain? We've put together this quick-start Go Daddy guide for you.

There's no extra charge for our elf work this month. It's all included in our  9$ Pro package. If you haven't gone Pro, now is the time!

If you have any questions, just Tweet us @smallrivers using the #paperlielf tag and we'll come back to you!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Create Custom Promo-Tweets, Promote on Facebook and Linkedin

This week I'm really excited to announce the launch of two great features to help you increase engagement and reach new audiences: customized Promo-Tweets and auto-posting to Facebook and Linkedin.

As the Twitter community grows, so does the competition. Over the past months you have told us that getting your message heard across Twitter is becoming more difficult by the day. You asked for control over your Promo-Tweet messaging as well as more options for promotion.

Create custom messaging:

Now you can tailor your message to best fit your niche. You know best what makes your community tick, and click. Add a #tag, modify your mentions and customize your text. Read more about getting started with this new feature here.

Don't want to change a thing? No problem. The "daily is out" is set as the default tweet. Changing it is up to you!

Automatically promote on Linkedin and Facebook: 

We've added auto-posting to Facebook and Linkedin. Create a custom post and share your paper url, or just the featured article, automatically, with each new edition.

Branding tip! Add a thumbnail cover image to represent your paper when shared.

Paper thumbnails increase clicks. When your paper is shared across social platforms you can share your branding along with it. Create graphic or upload your and replace the standard "P" with each share.

If you choose to share an article from your paper, we'll post the article image instead of the cover image.

Leave us a comment below, or Tweet us @SmallRivers and let us know what you think once you've tried them out. We look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Tuesday Tip! Join us Tuesday for #Blogchat Europe

The week has only just begun but I am already looking, this this week's Tuesday tip is: join me and @Smallrivers for #blogchat Europe on Tuesday, October 8!

Whether your company has 2 or 2000 employees, blogging ranks as one of the most widely trusted and sure-fire way to build authority, grow relationships and generate new business leads. But how? Well, that's what #blogchat is all about!

Mack Collier's #blogchat is a Twitter power-house Tweetchat dedicated to helping YOU get the most out of blogging.

Whether you are a small business owner or a marketer working for a large mega-company, Mack and the #blogchat community provide great insight and help answer your blogging questions.

Because the North American version of #Blogchat is tough for us Europeans to make (it takes place at 3am, CET) Mack offers a European friendly version at 20h, every second Tuesday of the month.

Don't miss out! Pencil in the last three European #blogchats of 2013 into your calendar now:

Tuesday, October 8 - Blog Plug-ins that increase business networking and productivity
Tuesday, November 12 - tba (aka: something really cool)
Tuesday, December 10 - tba (aka: something really cool)

20h CET, 1pm Central.

Just because this chat is called '#Blogchat Europe' it doesn't mean it is for Europeans only. This just means it is held at a time that the European, North American, South American, African and Middle Eastern continents can manage. How cool is that? (Sorry Australasia, we'll have to work on that)

You'll find me there @kdhungford and don't worry about language barriers or making mistakes. We learn a lot and even more important -- we have fun! (And, we score cameo's in blog posts like this one from Tom Martin on Social Media Examiner!)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

New! Download your subscriber list

It's been an exciting couple of weeks here at Two weeks ago we announced fresh funding and since then we've been working fast to implement more of the features you've been asking for.

This week I have the pleasure of announcing that we have just rolled out a new Pro feature that you have been waiting for: Email Subscriber Export

If you're a Pro publisher, your email subscriber list is ready and just waiting for you to download it!

To get started
  • Go to your dashboard -> Stats tab -> Export Emails
We're working on some additional marketing and promotion features that you've requested...stay tuned!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Private Paper.lis and Twitter favorites as a source

We're starting off the week with a couple of new bells and whistles. Here's what's new for you!

Pro feature: "Private" papers

If you have a paper that you don't want anyone to see, you can now completely exclude it from being discovered on the newsstand or via search engines by taking it "Private" and making it stealth!

This is a great feature if you:
  • are in the process of branding and fine-tuning your Pro paper, but it isn't finished quite yet
  • use for monitoring market trends and the competition, and would like to keep it under the radar
  • create content for a team and only want them to have access to it
  • have an event and only want it visible before, during and after an event
To get started go to your Settings tab -> Publishing Options

Twitter favorites as a source

This is a handy new source that allows you to add content gems that you come across during the day to your next edition without needing to modify your sources.

To get started go to your Content tab -> Accounts -> and click on your Twitter account. You'll see a favorites option appear.

Have a question? Leave a comment or Tweet us @smallrivers.

Happy publishing!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You validate curation business model, secures more funding

Our goal at has always been to help people find, engage and build communities of like-minded individuals through content curation. Today, we are excited to announce that we have closed a new round of funding for $2 million and we are one step closer to achieving this goal.

This fresh capital pushes our total investment past $7 million to date, and opens up exciting new opportunities to innovate for our content curators at a more accelerated pace.

Thank you

Over the past three years, your curation efforts have helped shape the market. Today with over 3.7 million monthly users curating over 50 million articles in 7 languages daily, your curation efforts confirm our shared belief that future of content discovery and engagement is through the interest graph, not the social graph.

The speed at which continues to grow is attributed to just one thing: you, the richly diverse community of curators across professions, industries and markets that continue to use, and love, the service. From solopreneurs to the largest of brands, there is only one thing to say: thank you. You never cease to inspire us.

What’s next

In 2012 we invested heavily in our technical architecture, engineering and implementing a state-of-the-art telecom grade platform to replace the original content curation we launched with in 2010. In doing so, we decreased system down times and vastly improved content processing, loading times and platform stability.

For 2013 our focus has been, and remains, on branding, collaboration and engagement features to help marketers and small business owners increase the net gain from their curation efforts. In doing so, our PRO user base has grown by more than 400% in the past three months, and we are forecasting to hit break-even in the coming three quarters.

Clearly, we have come a long way together since the first Twitter timeline paper rolled off the presses. Since then, you have paved the road for the potential of content curation and you have validated the value proposition.

We look forward to sharing some exciting next steps in the evolution of and content curation in the coming weeks. Stay tuned… and thank you!

Ed & Isk

And the team

Friday, September 13, 2013

Join us Sept 18 for the #LeanImpact chat!

We are co-hosting #LeanImpact Chat on September 18th and would like you to join us!

Nonprofits and social enterprises fill a very important gap in our society, taking a very important matter into hands: social change. Social change requires massive amounts of effort and is very often spearheaded with small teams and limited budget.

As a start-up we understand the challenges of maximizing effort while working with limited resources, so when Meg Rulli asked us to co-host the upcoming #LeanImpact Tweetchat organized by the Lean Impact organization, we didn't have to think twice: Yes, Yes, Yes!

The topic for Sept 18th is Content Creation Success For Social Good Enterprises. 

We can't do this alone though. We can only speak about our own start-up best practices so we would like to join in the conversation and share your knowledge and tips on achieving more with less within your start-up non-profit or social enterprise.

What is, or who is, Lean Impact?

Modeled after The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries, the Lean Impact organization helps nonprofits and social enterprises leverage and apply Lean Startup principles to the non-profit and for-good organizations.

In a nutshell, Lean Impact means:

  • Figuring out what creates real impact and discarding what doesn’t
  • Shortening the time in the “create – measure – learn” cycle
  • Operating with fewer wasted resources
  • Leveraging forward-thinking technologies to achieve our goals
  • Gathering continual feedback from our community 

This chat begins at 9am PST, 11am EST and 20h Central European Time. Follow @leanImpact now to learn more about their organization and feel free to contact me (@khdhungerford) or my colleague @MagdaATQ with any questions. 

See you Wednesday!