What Types of Content Should You Create For Your Personal Brand?

It goes without saying that the content you create and share is the essence of building your personal brand. Producing top-quality content, in high volumes and in new formats, will have you standing out from the pack.

The post below is a section of the Personal Branding Playbook.

Hero content vs. Micro-content – what to focus on?

There are two types of content that you’ll want to create: Hero content and micro-content.

Hero content is long form. 

Examples include podcasts and in-depth articles and videos. They take time to create but can be turned into TONS of pieces of micro-content.

Micro-content includes short bits of information that can be text, micro-videos or visuals. It’s the most common form of posts on social channels. The advantage is that they can be produced easily.

The disadvantage is that they may not help define your brand like an in-depth piece of hero content, and not as SEO friendly.

A blog or podcast is a piece of hero content made up of 20+ pieces of micro-content. Picked apart and packed properly, they are now a calendar of posts. Let’s turn that into a tweet:

Grab quotes, powerful sentences, create top 5 lists,summaries, and easily turn them into texts, audio clips and visuals for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email and more. Then, take all those images and turn them into an Instagram story or Slideshare presentation. 

You can either create your graphics with DIY graphic design tools or rely on the expertise of pros in graphic design companies. If you don’t have time or want to create your own visuals, consider using text-to-image AI generators like one from Wepik that lets you upload your content and automatically create visuals with text overlays.

You’ll invest some time in the blog post, but it will fuel your marketing channels for weeks.

What types of formats can you use for your content?


Depending on your goals and channels, text could be the only content you need. 

I don’t recommend it, but it’s possible. And recently, there has been a renaissance

in text posts, with LinkedIn and Facebook giving them more prominence in their algorithms than images (unconfirmed, but good to test out). 

Here are a few tips on text content:

  • Good for LinkedIn, Facebook and can be done well on Instagram via carousels.
  • Must be BOLD (not the format, your opinion!) and interesting.
  • If you have a link to share, add it in the comments for LinkedIn. Your post will reach more people.
  • Write like you speak – remove the jargon, even on LinkedIn.
  • Use spacing for readability

Raw, informal video

Video is arguably the most powerful personal branding format, for obvious reasons. It’s the most transparent view into your personality, passions,tone, perspective. Even if your brand is highly technical and very professional, do not disregard video in your content mix. 

Here’s how Gary Vee does it: 

A few pointers:

  • Can be filmed on mobile (and is even encouraged)
  • Try live streaming
  • Invite a guest for Q&A
  • Use annotations/subtitles, since most channels don’t auto-play the audio

This is a great way to get more email subscribers!


Audio grams allow you to turn short pieces of audio into engaging and visual posts. These are awesome and underused. Add audio-grams to your mix and you’ll stand out like a pro.

Use them as micro-content by sharing voice clips whenever you have something to share. Or turn your long form video and podcasts into tons of posts.

Great for increasing their lifespan and promoting your hero content.


Podcasts are gaining massive traction and are very deserving of it. 

As of 2020, there are currently 850,000 active podcasts and over 30 million podcast episodes. Check out the blog on how to get started with Podcasting

And here are the highlights:

  • Take notes from top podcasters
  • Build a calendar of topics
  • Identify co-hosts and guests
  • Get the proper gear
  • Find royalty free music
  • Create your podcasts art
  • Upload, distribute and promote!


Create carousels now! 

They are easier to create than they look. Canva has tons of templates. Add a logo and text, and you’re ready to rock. Carousels are favored in Instagram’s algorithm, are visually engaging, and perfect for story telling.

And remember to repurpose your content. Turn your text posts into carousels or infographics.

Once you have a good list of ideas, topics, and types of content you want to create — it’s time to share it! There are endless ways to share your passion through content online. 

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Dan Di Federico
I'm the Executive Director at and Finity.