Why Content Marketing Can Boost Your Brand

Why Content Marketing Can Boost Your Brand

Content marketing can certainly help your business online when used creatively and purposefully, along with SEO and Social Media.

Sure, content marketing has been around since the dark ages, but since the digital age, it has taken on a whole new identity with the ability to spread a message further and wider than ever before; oh and did I mention QUICKER!

How about an example?

To help you understand how important content marketing is for your business, we are going to use banking as an example.

Situation 1

Here we have a banking website called, bank.com that has its own content placed throughout the site. It has all the common features of a typical website, things like a:

  • Homepage
  • About us page
  • Contact us page

The banking website was created with the purpose of having potential customers find them in the search engines, and for current customers to go to the URL directly and login to perform various banking tasks.

The bank is trying to gain the attention of new users through use, or display, and retain the attention of current users.

Situation 2

Now here is another banking website (B). It has several pieces of useful and engaging content throughout the site such as:

  • A blog
  • A map with directions to different bank locations
  • Mortgage rate trends, home loan rates, etc.
  • An FAQ page
  • There are also useful infographics showing what type of bank accounts are available

How content can spread like wild fire

In situation two, the website B designed their content to be useful to those customers (and potential customers) in the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania. What is even better is that the website is has a blog and a list of press releases for other professionals in the banking industry.

When content is crafted wisely, with users in mind, it will catch the attention of influencer’s; these are people who will spread your name and content across the web, acting as an endorser for your site. These influencer’s will state that website B is trustworthy, has great resources and is very informative, etc.

They have a far reach because of all their followers and connections that will help to spread your information to a wider audience who did not know about the bank. The word is often spread by the influencers through referrals, social media channels and mentioned via different blogs.

What is the goal of content marketing?

Another question mentioned often is, what is the goal of content marketing? What can it achieve?

Simply put, the goal of content marketing is to turn your website into a focal point, with a purpose that delivers more than just the values of your product and/or services.

Content marketing is used to gain traffic from different sources and channels, whether it is from search engines, or social media channels; it acts very much in the same way as word-of-mouth. Any business owner knows the power of word-of-mouth can be your greatest tool (that’s where we come in).

Your brand, your image

Speaking of goals; your brand name is inherently tied to your website and all of the content from visual aids and videos, to copy-writing.

Visitors coming to your site should be able to easily understand, and get a strong feel of what your business does, along with the value proposition.

Do you think that is something your visitors can say about your website? It might be worth asking them!

As a business owner, or marketer you want your brand image to be easily identifiable. This is established through integrating different pieces of content to create a whole image!

Use your content wisely

It is easy to lose focus of the end goal, but by keeping your content on track and unique, you will be rewarded with value. The web is polluted with content that has been re-spun in different ways, millions of times. Unique, targeted content that answers a specific question, goes a long way in terms of developing your web authority.

Craft your content strategy based on a thorough keyword research process which takes into account search intent and buying journeys. Monitor your keyword rankings and content performance carefully to be able to learn from your success.

What use is content if no-one takes notice of it? Businesses want to communicate with the right visitors and those they are influenced by, not just anybody.

Your content needs to be appealing and sticky. Developing online relationships is key, because businesses need people to talk about their content, share it online, comment and talk about it with everyone they know.

Content is not just about articles though. Social media content, email marketing content, even content on your ads – all of that is part of the overall strategy. Talking to your audience as well as listening to what your readers and customers have to say – both is key to success. Set up feedback forms, conversational forms, etc. to have an active conversation with your customer base.

Who is your target audience? Is your content appealing to them? Will they remember your brand or are you going to be another one of those websites that are forgotten in the clutter? Great content is essential to digital marketing!