These 3 Small Businesses Rock Twitter

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These 3 small businesses rock Twitter

Whenever I talk to entrepreneurs about Twitter, two questions keep coming back: “Why should I use it?” and “What are the benefits for my business?” My answer always goes like this: “Many of your potential customers are there.” Just do a Twitter Search and you will understand what I mean.   Twitter also has some great… Read more »

5 Twitter Lists You Should Create Today

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Twitter Lists

Following accounts can get out of hand sometimes on Twitter. There’s a lot of really interesting people there so I am subscribed to many! As a result, my Timeline keeps changing, and it can be a bit frustrating when I want to keep up with new content. Thankfully, Twitter has a wonderful feature called Lists, which allows… Read more »

Facebook Wants to Become the Be-All and End-All for Marketers

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Facebook Wants to Be the Be-All and End-All for Marketers

March was another very busy month for the biggest social media platforms. So busy, in fact, that it’s possible we’ve missed a few of their announcements. Wonder what the social media world is up to lately? Don’t worry! Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google you are interested in, today’s roundup should cover it all… Read more »

Could 2015 Be the Year of LinkedIn?

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Could 2015 Be the Year of LinkedIn

Each end of quarter is a great opportunity to see where the major social platforms (and social media) are headed. Facebook had another great year, as the reported numbers for Q4 2014 reveal. The same goes for LinkedIn. And while Twitter experienced slow growth, it still has potential to increase its user base.

Opportunities in Big Data

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Follow up on the data discussions. Our community have some great ideas and we are happy to be on track. The discussions continue!

This Week in Social Media: The Future of Videos May Not Be on YouTube

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The future of Videos may not be on YouTube

Do you know that people watch 6 billion hours of monthly video on YouTube alone? We also upload 100 hours of video per minute there.

Despite being the second largest search engine after Google Search, YouTube is not as dominant as it used to be. Actually, the balance may be shifting towards native videos on Facebook and potentially Twitter.

In this week’s roundup, we also cover some news about Pinterest and LinkedIn.