Juice- The Little App That Helps You Engage with Your Twitter Audience

Juice: The Little App That Helps You Engage with Your Twitter Audience

Did you know that we recently reached 9 million unique monthly readers? We don’t know about you, but we find this mind-blowing.

Since the beginning of the Paper.li journey, our mission has been to understand the content you, our community, love to read and share. As such, our platform analyzes tons of articles from over 140 million websites and blogs and monitors 300 million related social signals every single day.

Edouard Lambelet, our CEO, calls it ‘intelligent listening’. And that listening has drawn the attention of large marketing networks and global brands.

Giving Back to You: The Backstage Community

“We realized that what they were interested in could be of great value to our users too,” says Edouard. “ So, we decided to start a new journey with our community. We wanted to build an enriched dataset around the content you curate and, in the process, assist you with sharing, curating, and your personal brand.”

Edouard has always believed in the power of contextualized big data. Contextualized because it reveals actionable insights from which users can benefit.

This fact is especially true when a brand can rely on a very engaged and responsive community like ours. We know that we can count on you to share feedback as much as you can count on us to listen.

And that’s why Edouard decided to launch the Backstage Community

“The initiative is an attempt to create structured discussions around new ideas and features to test for potential implementation. It is a complete part of our community-centric philosophy, which includes the Paper.li Blog, our weekly #BizHeroes chat, and the support resources hub.”

“Our ‘augmented intelligence’ has given us access to many new use cases and opened fascinating new doors in content curation. So, we thought the moment had come to share with the community and brainstorm to see what they really needed.”

So far, the Backstage Community has been a resounding success. Over 2,000 people, including former executives for global brands, have signed up for the behind-the-scenes platform and keep us on our toes with important feedback:

“Some Backstagers have spent hours and even days in very smart talks with us. The insights have been fascinating. However, the challenge now is to find ways to translate this fantastic energy into useful features.”

Introducing Juice

The first takeaway from those discussions? Your need for a tool that would make your life easier, save you time, and allow you to engage with your audience and show off your expertise in the process. We are excited to announce that we have created it.

We call it Juice.

Juice analyzes the interests of your Twitter followers and then surfaces a daily selection of 10 articles that are very likely to resonate with them. Each story comes with relevant social data to help you understand why it was chosen.

Juice demo 

The recommendations come from a nearly unlimited panel of topics monitored by Paper.li. However, they are laser-focused and hence, particularly helpful when it comes to specialized sources.

“Juice pushes its social engagement analysis quite far. The app collects social activity around the posts and looks at their engagement history in context and on the spot. Then, we try our best to explain how these different factors come into play so you can easily decide what to share.”

“Juice also integrates all the best practices in terms of sharing. For example, your Tweets will always have an image attached to them. You can also send the posts by email or schedule them via Buffer. We believe that simplicity is key and really helps make for a smooth user experience. That’s the major idea behind Juice.”

We Need Your Help

To us, Juice is not just a new Paper.li app. We like to think of it as a work in progress and the beginning of an important conversation on smart data and actionable insights. We hope you will join it.

We look forward to your continued feedback in the Backstage Community. We cannot make it work without you. 😉

To download Juice, visit the App Store. Note that the app is in beta and totally free.

Want more information on the Backstage Community and Juice? Check out our interview with Edouard and Product Manager David Douek. The Juice demo starts at 11:20.


Cendrine Marrouat
Paper.li Blog Staff Writer, Cendrine Marrouat is a French-born social media coach, curator, and author. She is the founder of Social Media Slant and the #smslantchat Twitter chat. Her latest e-book release, "The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences: Build Yours, Keep It and Win", is a comprehensive guide focusing on the four pillars of audience building. Follow her on Google+.

6 thoughts on “Juice: The Little App That Helps You Engage with Your Twitter Audience”

  1. I really love the sound of Juice, and I fully understand working out any bugs in a smaller environment (re iOS’s 15% smartphone marketshare), but I really hope it’s not a long wait for the rest of us.

    Thank you paper.li for helping us connect to our audiences is such useful and ‘on-target’ ways – I can’t emphasise that strongly enough.

    1. Hello Scott,

      We’re delighted that Juice has got your attention. We’ll let you know via the blog as soon as we have news in that direction. 🙂

  2. Love the way of twitter engagement.. 🙂 guarantee that I fully understand working out any bugs in a small audience.. :0 thanks for sharing

  3. hi paper.li team, juice is a fantastic app, great content selection! Is there a way to schedule tweets as well straight out of the app? I haven’t figured that out yet. keep up this great work, thanks!

  4. Really like Juice. Would love to be able to get an RSS feed from it so I can read it off-mobile, and feed into Buffer.

  5. hi paper.li team, juice is a fantastic app, great content selection! Is there a way to schedule tweets as well straight out of the app? I haven’t figured that out yet. keep up this great work, thanks!

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