20 free background images to build your LinkedIn profile

Build your LinkedIn profile

Here are 20 free and inspirational background images to build your LinkedIn profile. A personal brand starts with using the right visual content.

When it comes to building your personal brand, visual content is the best way to captivate and engage your audience. This is true for the content that you post to your channels, and upload to your profiles like LinkedIn. The goal is to make your profile pop, while making sure your purpose shines through.

One of the most unused features on LinkedIn is the background image (aka cover image). By adding an inspirational image, your profile will captivate and stand out from the rest. The image can represent your work, passions, and motivation, while making your profile look visually compelling.

Add Visuals to Build Your LinkedIn Profile

Are you seeking a new career opportunity, want to impress managers, or expand your network? A visual profile will help you achieve your brand-building goals and help people remember you.

According to studies, people can recall 65% of the visual content they see three days later. Having an appealing background image can help craft a long-lasting impression of you and your personal brand. As well as the possibility to create engagement and expand your network.

Here are 20 Inspirational Images

Our mission at Paper.li is to enable passionate people with the personal marketing tools they need to make brand building easy. Here are 20 inspirational LinkedIn background images to build your profile.

Free for the taking! If you use an image, share a link to your profile in the comments 👇

Build your LinkedIn profile
Build your LinkedIn profile
Build your LinkedIn profile
Build your LinkedIn profile
Build your LinkedIn profile
Build your LinkedIn profile
Build your LinkedIn profile

We hope these images help you enhance your LinkedIn profile and build your personal brand. Want more visual and inspirational content? Then follow us on Instagram!

What are some other important tactics to help build your digital presence?

Dan Di Federico
I'm the Executive Director at Paper.li and Finity.

23 thoughts on “20 free background images to build your LinkedIn profile”

  1. Thanks for these – just used one! linkedin.com/in/huttoncareercoach

  2. I love LinkedIn, my first place to go for social, I also love to write and publish as well although when Examiner sold to AXS do not as much get to write. With events out of the picture this year I wont be doing my usual couple articles throughout the internet. Have been using your paper for many years and the new way has stumped me as to how to add videos and pictures, they don’t even come up from other resources, although it might be my new software either windows or microsoft, going to have to check it out while on lockdown break. Wishing you and your staff a safe year <3

  3. Hi. Thanks so much for your generosity.
    In the past, I’d been urged to change my background photo so many times, and have now been told that LI ranks completed profiles higher than incomplete ones. Your background is helping me with completing my profile–and hopefully getting noticed a bit more, post-Covid.
    Much appreciated and many thanks!

  4. These are great backgrounds. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great Images to use when posting also…Thanks for the use of them.

  6. Thank you for all your support to be better!

  7. Hello Dan
    Thank you and hope you are safe and well.
    I love Linkedin , the best professional social media platform . I have been on the on many years now and recommend to all my colleagues and friends.
    It’s content and professional information with world wide exposure in the market is amazing . ( Not like ego Facebook for sure , and we hope to keep it that way )
    I wish you a safe journey to you and your team . Great job . Thank you
    Kind regards
    Stefano Leone

  8. Hello and welcome to place in internet were social média. Daily média. Daily Newspaper. News feeds . And all thats important to keep you and your bizness updates meets.

  9. Thanks Dan for this wonderful selection. In “honor” of this remote working period of our life, I picked one of your backgrounds. As requested, you can see it here:


    Cheers from Italy!

  10. Thanks, fo the article and background cover

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