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Welcome to Pro! Below you’ll find tips and best practices for getting the most out of your paper.

🤓 Get the right content

Make sure you’re getting the best and most accurate content using smart topics, URLs, RSS feeds, sources, filters, and advanced search. See more details on how to use advanced search

📝 Write Your Story

One of our most requested features has always been the ability to add your own content. And you can do so in your paper easily by clicking the + button, and then select Write a Story.

Get creative and add your own content to give a broader perspective of who you are and what you’re passionate about! Check out our blog listing the biggest benefits of blogging and go record your thoughts and opinions on your paper.

🌇 Customize your header image

An image to represent your interests, profession, or a mix of both. If you don’t have one handy, we like Unsplash for a variety of free to use images and you can now search directly on Unsplash from your paper. 

Add a cover image by clicking the Pencil Edit icon>Header>Edit>Background Image>Custom Image.

To use Unsplash, simply follow the same steps as above but under Background Image, you will see the option to “Search on Unsplash”

Pencil Edit icon>Header>Edit>Background Image>Search on Unsplash

📤 Promote your content to your followers

Provide extra value to your followers by sharing your content with them! You can send out automated promo-posts directly from your Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin account every time the paper is updated.

Turn the toggle switch to ON (activate) or to OFF (deactivate) for Twitter, Facebook and/or Linkedin, then be sure to choose what to share (your paper link and/or the top article link) and then –for Facebook and Linkedin– where to share.

You can learn more about promoting your content on this support article.

📱 Add social widgets!

Integrate channels and posts from your Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Vimeo, accounts. Use your own, or think about adding the accounts of influencers you follow.

Do this by clicking the Pencil Edit icon>Custom Section>Widgets

🎵 Music and podcast with Spotify!

Whether it’s your favorite band, playlist, or podcast. Give your readers (and now listeners!)  a multimedia experience. Use our Spotify widget!  

Add it to your paper by clicking Pencil Edit icon>Custom Section>Widget> Select your Widget>Spotify Content> Paste the link to your content

📑 Add a Custom Section

What’s the important action you’d like your visitors to take? Anything from downloading a report, visiting a website, or connecting with you on your other social channels. 

Do this by clicking Pencil Edit icon>Custom Section>Banner

✍🏾 Customize Added Content

You can now have more control over the title, description text, and images of the content on your paper and the one that you manually add using the Publish It! Bookmarklet.

To edit the content that was automatically fetched to your paper using your preset sources, simply go to the Pencil Edit Icon>Choose the article you want to edit>Click on the “3 dots” icon>Edit Info

There, you can click on the image to add your own image, change the title and even edit the description of the article to better fit your needs.

This option is also available when manually adding content directly on your paper or through using the bookmarklet. The process is similar, you will be able to change the image that comes with the article or add a new one, as well as edit the title and description.

You can manually add content by clicking on the Pencil Edit Icon>Hovering your mouse to the right bottom side of the page and clicking on the + sign button>Selecting “Add Link”

Or, use the bookmarklet by following the instructions on this support article. You can also edit the content you find all around the web using the bookmarklet.

📌 Pin the best content

By pinning posts you’ll keep your favorite content from one edition to the next.

Do this by clicking the three dots on any of your paper’s articles.

⌨️ Add your comments

Unique commentary is key to brand building and engagement. Comment on your paper, and share it on your social channels.

Click the three dots on any article and click Comment.

Some extra perks and best practices

  1. Get noticed. Add your paper URL to your email signature, LinkedIn, business cards, social media bios, and any other communication channels you have.
  2. Be consistent. Share your paper and its articles a few times a week on your social media channels to get engagement and subscribers.
  3. Make it yours. To personalize your paper with commentary, visuals, links, pinned articles, and more personal brand building features, keep your eye on Pro. 

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If you need help check out our Support Site, Community Forum, reach out via email at, or message us on social.

Get out there and show the world what you’re capable of!

Dan Di Federico
I'm the Executive Director at and Finity.

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  1. How do I add content for people I would like to feature?

  2. I have had an account with for years and totally forgot about the “widgets.” I like the newsletter updates and their customer service is impeccable.

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