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The amount of content available online can create noise and hurt content relevancy. At, we’ve been sorting and unearthing great content for almost 10 years, so it’s fair to say that we know a little bit about finding just the content you need. 

Let’s walk through some of the options we have:

Smart topics and subtopics 

One of the easiest ways to find relevant content is by using smart topics and subtopics to guide our algorithm in the right direction. 

It works by simply selecting a topic, for example, “health”. 

Easy right? But keep in mind that when selecting a smart topic, the content sourced will likely be very broad. To solve this, think of a more niche topic like “Health technology.”

Better? If that doesn’t quite do it, you can use advanced searches to combine topics “Health technology” AND “sports”. This can be accessed by clicking the down arrow to the right of the search field (in the first pic).

Add source

A source is optional, and determines where your content comes from. This includes:

  • websites, like media publications 
  • Social media channels and groups
  • The social channels or RSS feeds of of others, like influencers
  • Your own social channels, like your Twitter account

To add a source to your paper, go to your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Content > Add Content Sources.

Advanced  filters

To go even further in strengthening your content discovery experience with, we suggest you include filters to optimize your results. Here are the filter types and how they work:

ALL of these words – every keyword must be found to include the article

Any of these words – any one of the keywords must be found to include the article

NONE of these words – the article will be omitted if any of the keywords are found

Aside from those, you also have the option to block unwanted keywords to keep the engine from surfacing irrelevant content. will help you save a ton of time when looking for the best and more relevant content. Take a minute now to perfect it, and you’ll have great and relevant content from now on.

Magda T
Magda is a Digital Marketing professional. Her main interests include inbound marketing, content and online communities. You can reach her: @MagdaATQ.

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  1. My paper is often chock full of very old content. Where is the filter to not include content older than say 1 month?

    1. Hi Matt, we’ll note this as a suggestion but unfortunately currently there’s no way to filter older content.

  2. Useful website for bloggers and content writers.

  3. Please how can I also monetize my paper. Li page.

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