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It’s often said that your network determines your net worth. We’re fortunate to be living in an era where technology has accelerated networking in both the real world and online. Platforms such as have allowed people with shared interests to find each other online and meet in the real world.  Online, ad-hoc “communities” are created around a simple (but ephemeral) Twitter hashtag. Today, it’s become much easier to find our own tribe of like-minded individuals who share our interests, hobbies, and passions.

Whether you’re an environmentally conscious foodie dedicated to sustainable eating or a kite-surfing globe-trotter, there’s a community out there for you to learn from, interact with and follow.

Now, can also help you find and create an online network based on who is sharing the same news article. If you’re a publisher of a PRO paper, you’ll now be able to see up to 20 other news sharers that shared the same article included in your paper, along with their accompanying posts. Only Pro publishers can view the extra information to locate and interact with other social media users sharing the same content.


When signed into your PRO paper, you may notice some extra information, for your eyes only. 

Click to view others




Use this new information to connect and interact online

  1. The overlay information is most relevant when using a Genius source or a Twitter search source. If using either one of these sources, the new overlay will reveal other, new like-minded, potential community members.
  2. Read the context of the post and decide yourself whether you wish to reply, retweet or like directly in the interface. Be social! Engage with other news sharers based on common interests and passions.
  3. Build your online network by following the person on the social network they are using.
  4. Go one step further and consider adding the social media user or feed to your paper sources. First, check out the timeline of the news sharer or feed. Does the social media user or feed consistently share articles related to your paper topic? If so, add that person or news source to your paper sources permanently.



All these posts shared the same news article “Things have never been so good for humanity…” from the


Caveat: Extra sharing information will only be available when an edition was created using automatic publishing.  Editions created using manual publishing (published drafts) will not include this information.











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