The service offers a lot of great components that help you supercharge your marketing. Today, I’d like to share a little about how you can leverage those some of the bells and whistles and elevate your paper by taking it Inbound!


10-4-1 RuleInbound Marketing and the 10-4-1 Rule
You may or may not have heard of the 10-4-1 Rule of inbound marketing. If so, you may be thinking “okay, keep going” and if not, here’s a quick overview:

The 10-4-1 rule says that for every 10 industry articles you curate, also include 4 links to your company blogs, content pages or other information directing readers back to your site, and 1 direct Call-to-Action (CTA).

Following the 10-4-1 Rule allows you to engage with your audience by providing them with the information and news they are looking for and still guiding them back to YOUR website for additional details and relevant information. Thus driving your traffic, and building your pipeline.

This strategy isn’t only reserved for websites and blogs. It’s applicable to content hubs, like your By incorporating a CTA in your daily paper you increase visibility and engagement opportunities between you and your readership, and your prospects, with actionable, trackable results.

The CTA I’m talking about today comes in the form of a landing page, and here are two ways to go about incorporating one into your paper:


1. Curate a Landing Page into your Paper

As you add industry information, resources, how-to’s and quick tips for your audience to your paper, you can also offer your readers a chance to subscribe to information from your website or blog. How? By directing them to your landing pages where they can complete a form to sign up for your blog or download the latest tips of the trade from your website.

You can do this by curating a landing page into the headlines area of your paper by using the Bookmarklet.  Once installed on your toolbar, this handy-dandy little button allows you to automatically add information from any website into your paper, without have to subscribe to their RSS feed.

This is the PERFECT tool for adding your landing pages into the publication to build your contact lists. Besides adding landing pages, it’s a great way to add any other articles you may come across throughout your day.

You don’t want to overload your paper with your landing pages, so keeping 10-4-1 Rule in mind and that should help. Just 1!


2. Embed a Call-to-Action Leading to a Landing Page

One of the top reasons users upgrade to Pro is for more control over the advertising units. But the top reason marketers are upgrading to Pro is to embed Calls-to-Action into their and drive traffic back to their websites.

Your paper comes with four Advertising Units which can be customized to host an image, html code or AdSense code. You can use these Ad Units to embed a CTA right into your paper. From forms to downloads, the options are numerous. You don’t have to use this space for a CTA, but my recommendation is that you should. It’s prime real estate for seducing your reader into action! Offer them something of value and lead them to your site to get it.

If you place a CTA in an Ad Space, then I recommend not including one in your content as suggested above. This is your “1” within the 10-4-1 Rule. To keep your paper current, don’t forget to change these up as you update your website’s CTAs or create a new valuable download to share with your contacts.

To get started, go to your Dashboard, then click Layout & Appearance, Ad Units, and finally Headlines Page. Copy the HTML from your CTA and paste it into the Custom HTML Code area. Adding this code snippet into your settings allows you to have your own branded CTAs – already linked to your landing pages – right in your paper’s sidebar.

You can go simple, or more advanced, and that is all going to depend on your personal skillsets. Here’s how the NowMarketing Group have customized their Ad Units. Fancy!


Bonus Tip! Email Newsletters

Now you’re set to promote. Once published, your newsletter is on it’s way to your subscribed readers as well as followers on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Many marketers who use our easy-to-use Curated Email Service to keep their communities in the know, also use a third-party email marketing service. But did you know that you can export your paper’s html to send the newsletter’s content to an existing email list?

Depending up on the email service you use, you can track links, click-thru’s and opens as well, giving your more value as a sales tracking tool. In addition, you can also download your opt-in subscribers so you can add them to an existing list.

Go Inbound!

Applying Inbound principles to your is a solid way to ensure that you keep you and your company top-of-mind amongst your peers, clients and prospects. Give these tips a try and leave a comment below letting me know how they work for you.

Upgrade to Pro, Add a CTA

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