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Leveraging the Use of Content for Your Personal Brand

Using content for your personal brand is a great way to share who you are, and after all, we are all content machines. To make this post less one-sided, let’s do an exercise together: When was the last time you took a photo of something and immediately shared it with your friends on social media? ๐Ÿ™‹

My guess is that it was TODAY (and this applies to any day you read this). For me, it was my coffee this morning (hey, it looked Instagrammable).


The numbers are also there to prove that we’re just swimming in online content. Did you know that WordPress users produce over 70.5 million new blog posts and over 52 million new comments monthly?

Imagine if we translate that to all the other platforms and how much content (of all types) is produced and shared daily.

Knowing the importance of creating, sourcing and sharing content online and what it can do for our personal brands, we had a nice chat on #Bizheroes with our community about it.

Here are some insights:

What is the role of content creation in your personal brand?

According to our community, content is chameleonic and can play various roles in personal brand building. For starters, our host Zala Bricej’s explanation talks about transitioning into content creation:

As we can see, our #BizHeroes use online content strategically for many aspects of their brand including:

  1. For staying in touch and connecting deeper with clients. Tools like chatbots and IVR can scale this step!
  2. Opening new doors and opportunities
  3. Represent themselves and their messages
  4. Show their uniqueness

How do you think the current situation affects your content and how can you become helpful to your followers with the right content practices?

As I create this wrap-up, we’re going through social isolation and quarantine due to the Coronavirus, an unprecedented situation that has affected all aspects of our lives and business. We wanted to know how our #BizHeroes were engaging in the best content practices during these difficult times.

It looks like personal branding efforts have moved to be more empathic, encouraging and motivational. Many are focusing on being helpful and seeing how they can support others from their position.

What is your favorite kind of content to create/share while building your online personal brand?

Now, we wanted to gauge their choice of content. Interesting to see the many ways a personal brand can be transmitted through different types of content types.

How are some ways in which you can repurpose or reuse content?

And a big one nowadays is that if you create one piece of content, it should be valuable enough that you can repurpose it and present it in many other platforms. As our Executive Director at Dan Di Federico wrote in his article about building a digital presence:

Share third-party content with your own perspective. Create in-stream visuals and vertical/Story formats. Shoot professionally or even better, informal video content. Also taken from Once you create one piece of content like an article, turn that into 20 other pieces by breaking up and turning into visual sound bites.

Dan Di Federico

And here are some ways our #BizHeroes are taking the most advantage of their content pieces:

What are the best resources to gather new ideas or inspiration for your content?

This one is pretty personal to me, I do struggle with diversifying my content creation, once I get stuck with a topic, sometimes it’s hard for me to get out. So, it’s important to get inspiration, venture out to other mediums of content and benchmark what others are doing. Our #BizHeroes shared their favorite resources for new ideas:

โญAnd we love to see that is helpful when looking for new inspiration

How do you measure the success of personal brand building?

Now comes an important aspect of having a content strategy for your personal brand. Is it working? How do you measure its success?

What are your favorite tools for your content strategy, from ideation, creation to sharing?

I love me some tools, apps, and anything that could help me be better and efficient when working with content. Our #BizHeroes prefer these:

Et voilรก! We had a great insightful chat about content for personal branding. And let me share a secret, I will be repurposing this article and turning it into Instagram (follow us!) stories, tweets, and Facebook posts. Hmmm, a deck would be cool too, what do you think?

Thinking about branding yourself online? Try for free!

Main Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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