Getting started with Starter

Welcome to Starter! Below you’ll find tips and best practices for getting the most out of your Starter Plan.


Make sure you’re getting the best and most accurate content using smart topics, URLs, RSS feeds, sources, filters and advanced search. Learn more here.

Don’t ever miss a tweet. Schedule your paper to be shared automatically on Twitter. Learn how.

Get noticed. Add your paper URL to your email signature, LinkedIn, business cards, social media bios, and any other communication channels you have.

You have the option to search your archive of articles for the past 30 days, just in case.

Share your paper and it’s articles a few times a week on your social media channels to get engagement and subscribers.

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If you need any help check out our Support Site, Community Forum, reach out via email at, or message us on social.

Get out there!

Dan Di Federico
I'm the Executive Director at and Finity.

2 thoughts on “Getting started with Starter”

  1. please, what is the difference between the Starter, and the Free version that I am using now?

    I can not tell because the Pro trial is in the way!

  2. Question, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere… I started hopedance 2.0 years ago and recently I just discovered that my is still alive.. egads how did that happen? I saw an older hopedance2.0 and it’s fantastic… I was going to renew but I see this new version to not be that great… I simply want what was available and designed years ago and it had more content and still be beautiful.. can you assist. I’m even willing to pay the five bucks a month… my current website sucks.. but I’d rather use it as backup since that’s why I included it in my billing…

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