Becoming a Freelancer? Here’s What You Should Know


Technology hasn’t only changed the way we live, shop and interact with each other, it is also quickly shifting the way we work. Yes, “freelancing” is the new black! According to Freelancers Union, there are 53 million Americans doing freelance work, adding up to 34% of the whole workforce in the US.

And there are many different ways to freelance or define freelancers. On his post, “The definition of freelancer is changing: meet the 5 new types of freelancers”, Ben Matthews breaks down the Freelancers Union report and talks about the different types of freelancers, also introducing some new categories:

  1. Independent contractors
  2. Moonlighters (people who have a day job and take some extra freelance work)
  3. Diversified workers
  4. Temporary workers
  5. Freelance Business Owners

If you think about it, everyone and anyone can become a freelancer. Whether you want to make some money on the side or have total control of your daily schedule, you may consider taking on some freelance work. Wonder how you could get started? We discussed with our #BizHeroes and here’s what we think you should know.


Know when the time is right


First and foremost, when do you know the time is right for you to freelance? You have to start somewhere. Our #BizHeroes have mostly agreed that the willingness and desire to work at your own pace has to be accompanied by a list of possible clients.



Work on getting noticed


Once you’ve decided to go freelance or to “moonlight” (do some freelance jobs on the side), you need to start working on getting noticed and building your reputation. Here are 4 interesting tips to help you with putting yourself out there:

  1. Gather and organize your work to build a portfolio (@Chevd80, @MadisonJonesHR)
  2. Rely on work of mouth, including reviews and referments (@HeroicSearch, @TaissaCharlier_
  3. Offer free services to build credibility and trust (@connieurway)
  4. Build relationships and network (@kdhungerford)

How can you find clients?


Okay, everything sounds doable but, how do we find clients? I’ll let our #BizHeroes answer:



In conclusion, if freelancing is for you, you need to research and be prepared. Want to know more about it? Check our Storify of this chat.

What’s your best tip for people who want to start freelancing? Let us know below!

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