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Tips for When to Publish Your Paper

Free Papers can be set to publish weekly, daily or twice daily. Pro papers have more scheduling flexibility, with the option to turn on draft mode and publish only when you want or to set variable publishing days from within the Global Settings menu.

These options are great, allowing you to really customize when your messages are sent out. But I’m sure you’re wondering: With all of these possibilities, when is the best time to publish your Pro paper?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. Let’s break down three of them.

Know Your Audience
Does your paper have a niche market focus? Are they online more often on the weekends or during the work week? The Buyer Persona concept can really help you hone in on whom you’re trying to reach.

Know Your Analytics
Much has been said lately about data. Analytics, in a nutshell, can help you narrow in on whom you actually are reaching with your message. If the audience you are attempting to reach doesn’t match who you actually are reaching, take the time to consider if that’s o.k. or whether some tweaks are needed.

Know Your Product
By product, we don’t necessarily mean a physical or even virtual product (such as a website). Rather, we’re referring to the fact you need to know yourself. What does your brand stand for? Are you hoping to help people? Is your goal to create social activism? Knowing your “Why” is crucial to getting your message out there appropriately.

So once you’ve determined these points, head over to your Global Settings menu. About halfway down you’ll see Publishing Schedule. If you have Draft Mode turned on, you’ll see a message letting you know that Draft mode turns off Auto Publishing. Otherwise, here is where you can select Daily, Twice Daily, Weekly, or even a custom schedule — as well as the time of day you want to post.

Also, be sure to update your timezone. By default, papers are set to GMT +00:00 UTC.

What other things have you discovered help you broadcast your message? Leave us your best tips in the comments!

Magda T
Magda is a Digital Marketing professional. Her main interests include inbound marketing, content and online communities. You can reach her: @MagdaATQ.

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