4 Strategies to Win the Community-Building Battle

4 Strategies to Win the Community-Building Battle

What makes a community special is its members. Their actions and loyalty allow it to last and thrive.

However, the magic won’t happen by snapping your fingers. Your audience needs good reasons to “meet and greet” regularly. One of them is the amount of giving without expectations. Another is the two-way, non salesy conversations. And there is also your willingness to make them part of your story.

So, what are some tips a brand can use to entice people to “come for content and stay for community,” to quote Vanessa DiMauro? You ask one of the best communities around. Yes, I’m talking about you, #BizHeroes members.

In this article, I am bringing you four strategies based on the best advice from two of our recent chats: “Brand Building Through Micro-Communities with guest Robert Moore” and “Getting Started with Podcasting with Cheval John.”

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1. Identify Your Obstacles

In 2006, there were about 35 million blogs in the world. Fast forward nine years; we are now at almost 300 million. And this is just the aggregated numbers for Tumblr and WordPress! There also more than 3.1 billion Internet users.

How do you, as a brand or marketer, make the most of these numbers? As the #BizHeroes community will tell you, you start with the basics: Take a realistic look at the challenges in front of you. And when it comes to content marketing, there are quite a few.

The most important one is identifying your audience accurately. Without that data, you will end up with more challenges on your plate. For example, you will have a hard time reaching readers at the right time and on the right platforms. Also, you won’t be able to address their pain points or tap into the emotions they crave with your content.

Good content does not just serve. It also speaks to its recipients in a way that makes them want to “amplify and share”.


  Now, what is the second biggest obstacle? Visibility! In this day and age, major companies have been hiding the sun with their expensive social media ads and campaigns. And “audiences are overwhelmed with content.” (@Liliholl)

Other challenges mentioned by the #BizHeroes community include: