Is Your Website Mobile Friendly and Google Ready?

On April 21st, Google will roll out two important changes that will help users discover mobile-friendly content and ensure Google algorithms continue to adapt to the changes in mobile usage patterns. 

With 60% of online traffic being driven by mobile, it is no surprise Google wants to prioritize websites and blogs that offer a strong mobile user experience, over those which don’t. 

But how big is this change really? This update probably hasn’t earned the nickname Mobile-geddon for nothing. So without sounding alarmist, I’d venture to say it could be potentially catastrophic for any business, but is especially dangerous for small businesses who rank well in local search results today but don’t have more modern websites that take mobile into account.

Check your website or blog

Are the changes hard to make? Good news! No, they aren’t.

First step: check a few pages on your website or blogs here with the Mobile-Friendly Test Page provided by Google.'s Mobile Friendly Google ResultJust type or paste your site’s URL and you’ll receive feedback as to what needs to be optimized. (FYI: all papers on a URL are Google mobile ready.)

Then take a few minutes to read this short, clear and concise post from Google to learn more about to make the optimizations.

While the changes are not overly complex or difficult to make, any size business (small or large) could see a substantial drop in traffic to their site if the changes aren’t made.

The biggest challenge isn’t going to be making the changes, but instead making sure that everyone is aware of them.

The and #BizHeroes community is home to a good number of small business owners, consultants, and entrepreneurs so this week’s Twitter chat we’re discussing Mobile Friendly and Google Readiness.

By the time the chat takes place at 2pm ET, 8pm CET, Google will be rolling out the changes and some of you may already be reaping (or weeping) the effects. So bring your questions, impressions and viewpoints and join us.

We’ll discuss these changes and, in general, how mobile is changing and what we need to do to stay ahead of the curve, not behind it.

A few resources:

If you’re looking for a few more resources to round out your knowledge, Mack Collier wrote a post earlier this month to help people and the #blogchat community prepare for Google’s changes. He breaks down the changes and takes a deep dive into what they mean. has pulled together a bombastic list of articles, insights, pros and cons of surrounding the changes April 21st. I’m certain you’ll find what you need here.

But if not, then try Moz’s deep dive into more details outlined in Cindy Krum’s 9 Things You Need to Know About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update.

If you want to do a full audit of your website/mobile, RazorAudit provides an excellent guide –  Website audit checklists – The ultimate guide.

Google Mobile Discussion April 21st

I’d love to see you at the #BizHeroes discussion April 21st. You can find us via this tag -> #BizHeroes on Twitter at 2pm ET.

Below are the chat questions:

Q1. What does mobile friendly really mean?
Q2. What Does the new Google mobile algorithm mean for websites and how will it help, or hurt, my business?
Q3. Can a website audit help? Where should we begin start and what do we look for?
Q4. What type of errors or issues should we specifically be looking for?
Q5. What else can be done to improve mobile ranking across search engines (and not just Google)?
Q6. Who, or which websites, can you recommend for more information or help?

If you don’t notice changes by the time the chat begins, or you can’t make the chat, drop me a note here and let me know how your website or blog was impacted. All fingers crossed that the changes will be positive for you!

Update: Here’s a curated summary of tips and conversations regarding mobile best practices gathered during the April 21st Twitter Chat.

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