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One of our favorite and most popular features we offer is the “email newsletter“. Email newsletters are a great asset for entrepreneurs, small companies and nonprofits and our newsletter feature makes it very simple to send out weekly (and even daily) email updates to your subscribers. It can be used in a variety of ways, and the HTML of your newsletter can even be exported to third party newsletter services such as iContact, MailChimp, and Hubspot.

Our Pro users have a lot of perks to spruce up their newsletter communication with the Newsletter Service tab located on their settings. Today, we’ll break down how you can use three of them.

Paperli newsletter settingsAdd a Message

This is the perfect way to provide your readers with a bit more information. Perhaps you are running a special promotion and want to direct them to a landing page. You can use this to talk about that promotion and include a hyperlink to back to your website.

Depending on your newsletter type, some users have taken advantage of this to promote the other articles in their paper that do not appear in their newsletter.

Other users simply use this space as a company profile section. But regardless of how you use it, be sure to take advantage of this space to speak directly to your readers each week.

Choose your Newsletter type

By default as a carry over from being a free account, Simple Newsletter is selected. However, you have the option to pick from a Headlines-only version or a full newsletter. But what are the benefits of each?

Headlines: Think of this as your opportunity to up-sell to your readers. As we mentioned, some use this setting and promote the other articles within the Message box. This type is also useful if your audience is simply looking for quick updates rather than a full newsletter. Daily publications will probably want to use this newsletter type.

Full Newsletter: This is for those looking for an in-depth newsletter and works best with weekly papers. This type of newsletter would work especially well with Content Draft turned on as the extra editorial control allows you to decide just how much content you want your full newsletter to be packed with. Users also will see your photos and videos with this type.

Personalize it!

One of the nice advantages of a Pro paper is the ability to customize your branding. An oft-overlooked feature is the ability to include your paper’s banner in your newsletter.

Be sure to change the “From” field to your company (or, perhaps a brand mascot) at the bottom of your settings.

Lastly, some users like to create a custom subject each week. You can use variables to include your title and publication date along with your custom message.

One final email consideration: A Pro paper allows you to change your subscription confirmation message. This is particularly useful as a first line of introduction to a new subscriber.

Email and your paper: A great way of reaching your audience. Ready to upgrade? Switch to Pro today!

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Magda is a Digital Marketing professional. Her main interests include inbound marketing, content and online communities. You can reach her: @MagdaATQ.

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  1. Adding gifs to a message is also a good way to attract and hold attention

  2. Which email marketing software do you use now? FreshMail works fine for me but I’m curious of the other reviews.

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