The Personal Branding Playbook: Join The Creator Economy

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or entrepreneur – building a strong personal brand online will help you achieve your goals. To help you every step of the way – from planning to posts that will get engagement – we’ve created The Personal Branding Playbook. From beginners to advanced users, the Playbook has content for everyone, and tips from top marketers and brands.

Below is a section from the introduction. You can download the full Personal Branding Playbook here.

Becoming Micro-influencers

Most say the micro-influencer is the future of influencer marketing, especially for professional categories.

What is a micro-influencer? 

An expert in any field with a moderate but strong social following (e.g., between 5-10k). The way brands are working with influencers is changing. From the short term, high-fees, high-follower superstars, towards moderate-fees, moderate followers, and long term partnerships with micro-influencers, with more relevant followers.

It is less about a high following count and more about connection and engagement.

Micro-influencers are becoming a lucrative industry – representing a real opportunity for anyone to turn their expertise into a career and into revenue. The playing field is open. But this isn’t new – the value for professionals and influencers has been there for a while.

Close to 60% of Gen Zs want to become online influencers. They see building a digital presence and a following as a real career opportunity to earn revenue, have flexible working and create impact.

Do you want in on The Creator Economy?

Take a moment to decide how you want to invest your time and plan your side-hustle or full time livelihood using just the right tools and especially the right content. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a corporate executive, new professional, ambitious student, or aspiring entrepreneur – the first step to achieving your goals is to build your personal brand and digital presence. We call this personal marketing and have developed this playbook to get you up and running like the pros.

What do you want to be known for?

To answer this question, you need some answers to the following:

What is your objective?

Increase your network. Get hired. Reach 5k followers. Start a side-hustle. Achieve financial independence? Goals can be short or long term.Think big!

What are the topics you want to be known for?

Just one topic – sustainable fashion? A 360 view of you – actor, writer, CEO, mom?

Who is your target audience?

Colleagues, customers, employers. Data scientists creating AI for healthcare in Europe?

What channels are they active on?

LinkedIn vs Instagram vs TikTok vs WeChat. Maybe email and not social media. And definitely your own domain name!

What’s your tone of voice?

Direct. Smart. Nerd. Humorous. Humble. Challenging? It doesn’t mean you have to stick to just one, but there should be some consistency.

What kind of content will you share?

Are you best with written or spoken words? The difference might be focusing much more on live video, or more on written articles. Mix it up, but stay true to who you are and what you create best.

Start Creating and Sharing! 

Wondering where to start? We want to help you build your personal brand on digital channels with a methodology we call The Personal Marketing Routine.

We’ll take you through basic, intermediate and advanced tactics – from perfecting your LinkedIn profile, to getting started with podcasts. We’ll go in-depth on the most popular personal branding channels today, notably LinkedIn and Instagram.

Want to use content to your advantage?

Download The Personal Branding Playbook here.