5 reasons to subscribe to Paper.li Pro

We want to help millions of people achieve their goals by building a digital presence, and so have designed Paper.li for just this.

Here are 5 reasons you should subscribe to Paper.li Pro today.

1. You want to invest in yourself, without breaking the bank

Building a digital presence can be expensive, and so our goal was to design an affordable product without compromising on features. For $12.99/month you can start to build something that can bring you tremendous value.

2. One tool, 4 solutions

Unlimited daily content, a personal website, social scheduling and email newsletter: this is our 4-in-1 solution. We offer a marketing tool set in one place, so you don’t have to purchase four different products.

3. Get the precise content you need

Combine topics, subtopics with locations and sources. Still getting noise? Blacklist topics like politics or competitors. We use artificial intelligence and the latest tech to bring you the exact content you need to read and share.

4. Easy to use & automated

Our customers have careers, families and active lives, and so we want to make building your digital presence easy. With our Personal Marketing Routine, in a few minutes each day you can read great content, fuel your impressive website, keep active social channels, and send newsletters through a growing database. All done through clicks on your mobile device, or completely automated.

5. Exclusive tips from marketing pros

We’ll help you achieve your goals with regular tips from experts, through blogs, videos and even simple tasks to motivate you. Do you have these 5 key things in your LinkedIn profile?

It’s never been easier to create your digital presence. Get started with Pro now.

Dan Di Federico
I'm the Executive Director at Paper.li and Finity.