These Inspiring Entrepreneurs Are Crushing It On Instagram

We all have an entrepreneur inside of us. All it takes is daily inspiration and motivation to unleash it. Most especially, from those who have exciting success stories and are clearly passionate about what they do.

As I scroll down through my Instagram feed every morning, I discover new and inspiring leaders that demonstrate the exciting world of entrepreneurship. They share their stories closely with their communities and talk about how any of us can emulate them with hard work and passion.

Undoubtedly, what draws me more towards a select few is the “spark” that some special ones have. A spark that makes me want to wake up every day and work towards my goals and dreams.

For this post, I’ve selected five inspiring entrepreneurs with impressive personal brands, remarkable digital presence, and who you should follow now.

Lewis Howes – Inspiring you to succeed

With his motto: “You were born for greatness”, former professional football player and best-selling author, Lewis Howes‘ story and passion is one that will encourage you to be strong and work hard for your dreams. 

His Instagram is full of positive messages, as well as storytelling about his own experiences in life and entrepreneurship. With his 1.6 million followers, he shares valuable tips about making money, handling failure and creating positive habits for success. 


Holly Branson – Purpose and People

Coming from one of our favorite entrepreneur families, Holly Branson, daughter of the wildly mold-breaking CEO of Virgin, Richard Branson, has carved a magnificent personal brand of her own. She has almost 100k followers on Instagram, where she transmits her values of people, family, and purpose. 


Among her posts, we can find lessons she’s learned from her dad, a look at her private life, her work as part of the Virgin Leadership Team. She also shares her philanthropy – she founded a charity called Big Change, dedicated to “helping young people thrive” in education. 

Neil Strauss – Speaking out for others

Author of 10 New York Times bestselling books, journalist Neil Strauss, best known for his book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, has a pretty impressive Instagram following that almost reaches 200k people. 

Although not as focused in empowering success, his Instagram is filled with words of encouragement, to help with introspection. It serves as a positive outlet for understanding and managing your feelings in times of crisis, failure or doubt. He is also very vocal about the current situations in our society and uses his wordsmith abilities to shed light on them and promote change. 

Jasmine Crowe – Working to end hunger

Tech and Social Entrepreneur, Jasmine Crowe, is the founder Goodr Co, a startup focused on eliminating food waste and hunger. She is also known for her Ted Talk “What we’re getting wrong in the fight to end hunger?“,  where she calls for a complete transformation to ending hunger worldwide. 

In her Instagram feed and stories, you will find uplifting posts about leadership and philanthropy. Also, she portrays the power of women and BIPOC communities that accompany her in the road to end hunger, and the realities behind the cause she is working hard to radically change. 

Dean Graziosi – Real Estate and Success

Real Estate Investing expert and entrepreneur, Dean Graziosi, educates others in business success tactics through his training, videos and publications. His podcast The Dean Graziosi Show‘s value offer is that it is intended “for those ready to take their life to the next level and learn success, business & life strategies to get there!”

With his 1 million followers, Dean shares inspirational quotes, quick video tips and moving stories from his personal life as he went through the difficult road that led him to success. He talks about the importance of being surrounded by the right people, the value of a supportive community and a close look into his beautiful family life. 

What do these 5 people have in common? They’re putting in the work – daily. Through sharing their work, they’re driving others to follow in their footsteps, and take the leap to transform their lives by working on what they’re passionate about. Something that keeps repeating in all of them is their involvement in educating themselves and others, do the same and check out our suggested list of 10 books for entrepreneurs. 

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Magda T
Magda is a Digital Marketing professional. Her main interests include inbound marketing, content and online communities. You can reach her: @MagdaATQ.