How to Grow and Connect with Your Online Network

Unquestionably, businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, CEO’s, school teachers, NGO’s and any person looking to provide services or influence others, must invest time into growing their social channels. 
After all, that’s were everyone is these days!

Looking at the numbers, these are the largest social channels:

  • Facebook ((largest social media network in the world) with 2.45 billion monthly active users 
  • YouTube with 2 billion active users every month
  • Instagram with 1 billion users

For the longest time, getting more followers seemed like the most important thing for users who wanted to get eyes on their work and content. Today, follower count is more a vanity metric that doesn’t necessarily result in meaningful engagement and network growth. 

Foul practices such as “the rise of fake followers”  have forced social networks to invest in solutions to detect them and tweak their algorithms to avoid them. 

But, how can businesses and influencers still work on growing a real network of people to connect and share value with

We asked our community to share their experiences, tips, and tricks with the rest of us on how to grow an online network. Here’s what they had to say.

What are the benefits of growing your online network today?

From connecting to learning and exchanging thoughts, growing your network online is a great practice to promote your work and services while creating valuable relationships. 

How do you get started in building an online network/presence?

Listening and starting conversations seems like an easy way to get started.

Bring value to your growing network

It seems “content” is the common denominator here.

⬆️Ohhh! could really help with this one. Dare to try?

Add a personal touch to your online interactions

Tools for nurturing connections

🌟We’re flattered to be mentioned! Also, here’s how you can use to feed your email strategy.

Best types of content for networking

We have to agree with this ☝️- We love other chats and TwitterSmarter by Madalyn Sklar is a great asset!

Reach out to like-minded individuals

Woah! So many great tips and knowledge from the community. Did we miss anything?

Share your successful tips for online network growth below

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  1. The Best way to grow and connect with online network is sharing your content to social media website.

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