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Control center – A quick access to promotion and publishing

Spend more time on managing your business and less time managing your paper 


One of our goals at is to allow you to spend as much time as possible on the core of your business while still having a stellar web and social presence. We do that most of the time by introducing new features, but over the coming weeks, we’ll introduce several improvements to clarify our settings and help you manage your papers faster. The first one is the introduction of the Control Center.


With the Control Center, you can quickly access some of the most important publishing and promotion controls on your paper and have a quick overview to see if they are set up the way you like. It will not affect any of your settings, but all features related to publication and promotion are now conveniently found in one place. We’ve also renamed them slightly to make them simpler to understand.


Publishing Settings (draft and publication schedule)

This is the core of your paper: update your paper with new content automatically or keep 100% absolute control over the publishing process creating a new edition offline (draft) while your current edition is still online. Learn more about manual publishing (previously Draft Mode).


Promotion Settings (notifications control)

Decide if should promote your paper and top articles automatically with each edition. Set as manual, it allows you to decide exactly when to send the tweets, posts and subscriber emails. Learn more about manual promotion (previously Notifications Control)



Calendar view

This new view allows you to see at a glance what is set to be published or promoted.


If you want to dig more into the details of what changed, have a look at our support article.


We will continue introducing simplifications to the service over the coming weeks to allow you to spend more time on managing your business and less time managing your paper. If you have ideas or feedback on how to simplify, don’t hesitate to send us an email or leave us a comment.

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Magda is a Digital Marketing professional. Her main interests include inbound marketing, content and online communities. You can reach her: @MagdaATQ.

22 thoughts on “Control center – A quick access to promotion and publishing”

  1. It wasn’t difficult before and now it’s actually more difficult to find new content after changing sources… I like to edit the stories/curate before the issue goes out… Seemed easier before…

    1. I agree. Very rarely do I need to change the settings. It’s not a big deal, but sending the daily newsletter out now requires another click, another screen and then closing another screen.
      Either the devs aren’t using the service, or many people use it differently than I do.

      1. Please give us back the ability to quickly send out the newsletter without having to go through extra screens. Items I change once a year shouldn’t be on the same screen with things that are done everyday.

  2. Hello Mr. Douek,
    What a great service you’ve created without which I now can’t do.
    Julie is terrific.
    Best regards,
    Dailey Pike

    If you can recommend anyone that’s a consultant on getting subscribers that would be much appreciated but you may simply not know anyone which is not problem. Thanks

  3. I think your users deserve that you are much clearer which services are offered for free accounts and which only for Pro accounts.

  4. Hi, The control center does not appear to be compatiable with Chrome, Firefox or IE.
    Which is the best browser to use?

  5. You would get more sign-ups if you would provide all of us with Stats of how many subscriptions and how many hits we get each day? I am a very active blogger and when posting on Facebook I only get 1 or 2 hits same with twitter?

  6. I love but it really does need a search engine that will index archives. It will make the software so much more valuable.

  7. Very nice discussion. I love It is true that content is KING but writing a king content is very difficult.

  8. The control center sounds like a really nice new feature!

  9. I am a pro customer. After I add content from different websites, is there a way I can edit the content before publishing the draft ?

  10. After manual creation of draft, is there a way to automate promotion at a particular time. For example, I can create manual draft at any time during the day, but want it to be published and promoted automatically at 12pm. Is it possible ?
    I am pro customer, in the name of Karunakara Shetty(

      1. Can anyone help me in changing the layout of app.
        There is only one default layout appearing in Setting tab.

        Please I have invested time and money in the app…..please help

        1. Hi, please to write us at support (at) for help.

  11. Good discussion. I love It is true that content is KING but writing a king content is very difficult. Thank you

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