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Returning to telling the stories of how our users thrive with (don’t miss our last one about NISOD), we’ve got another inspiring story to share with all of you. Let’s get to know Sarah-Jayne Gratton, her client “The Fresh Produce Consortium” and learn how she is using to make noise around the fresh produce industry and generate revenue.


Who they are


Sarah-Jayne Gratton is a Digital Marketer and Publisher that curates the FreshtalkDaily paper for The Fresh Produce Consortium. The Fresh Produce Consortium is the voice of the British fresh produce industry and has members from across all sectors of the fresh produce arena — from growers to packers, distributors, and retailers.




Their location: United Kingdom

It was important for The Fresh Produce Consortium to find an outlet where they could share their most exciting and recent industry news and get their voice heard by their audience.

Their goal: To increase awareness of the fresh produce industry by curating the latest industry news and presenting the news in an aesthetically beautiful way.

“I created FreshtalkDaily using as an industry publication for the fresh produce industry.  I love the ability to curate the publication with the latest industry news and to customize the look and feel using the options provided by”


How did Help? allows them to keep their audience engaged with and interested in the latest content about the fresh produce industry while having full control of what they share and when they share it.

“My sarahrecommendation to other users is to have fun and experiment with the look and feel of your publication. Prepare a preliminary draft and practice populating your paper before publishing. The videos provide an excellent starting point for newbie publishers.”

Sarah’s strategy for her client, The Fresh Produce Consortium, has been very successful reaching more than 2000 visits every month, and she sees the audience growing in each publication. Her secret to getting more eyes on your paper:

“Just get the word out, if the content is good, the audience will grow organically. Add links to the publication in every relevant community group, forum, website, email signatures, social media bios (e.g. LinkedIn), etc.”



Monetizing your Content with


Sarah came to our #BizHeroes chat recently to talk about how she was able to monetize her publication. Yes, it’s possible! Take a look at her tips for that on this Storify.

Here are some interesting takeaways:

Is it possible to monetize your


How did you do it?


Learn More about by checking out FPC FreshTalk Daily.


Don’t wait any longer, go Pro!

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