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Every day, pulls in millions of articles from social media sources and from RSS feeds.

With the Genius source, we’ve given you the power to leverage the millions of articles we collect each day and unearth the most relevant and trending content out there.


Introducing Genius Source!


  Add a Genius Source 

If you’ve just created your paper, we’ve already added a Genius Source to your content source list to create your first paper edition, based on the keywords (or URL of an article) you entered.

You can add an additional Genius source by visiting your Paper Settings Dashboard. Select the Content tab > Add content sources and enter your search terms in the field “Search for a topic”.




If we find content, you’ll have the option to add the Genius source to your list of content sources.


Screen_Shot_2017-03-07_at_1.56.28_PM.pngTips for great content results

The Genius Source is a powerful tool for unearthing content in our database of articles based on the keywords you enter. The quality of results will depend on the keywords you enter and the topic you’re searching for. Our database of articles is created from the millions of articles that people are sharing on social media. Therefore, if your topic of interest is very niche, the genius source might have trouble pulling in enough relevant content. On the other hand, if you have entered very general keywords, we may be pulling in content that is not sufficiently targeted.

So what should you do if your content results are not focused or not right? If the content presented is not sufficiently focused or is very niche, here’s a tip:

Find an example article of the kind of articles you’d like to see in your paper. Then enter that article URL in the search field under Add content sources.

When you add a URL into the topic field, you are not adding that article per se. Instead, you’re telling the genius source more precisely what kind of content you’re looking for.






Then, delete any source that’s not bringing in targeted content.  


What next?

The next time your paper publishes after adding the Genius Source, you will be able to see the result. 

The Genius Source is just the first of many new features that we will roll out this year and it is available for both free and Pro publishers.

We aim to to help you discover and share the best content on the web and we’re working hard to reach that goal. If you have questions or just want to chat, don’t hesitate to tweet us @paper_li or contact our Support Team if you need help!


Is there a feature you’d like us to incorporate this year? Share it below!

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