We are swinging the doors open and giving a warm welcome the Wix community as they can now also add a news section to their beautiful Wix website to keep it full of fresh and relevant content for their visitors.

Our team worked along with the Wix team for many months to build a Paper.li app that was perfectly suited for the Wix userbase. After this wonderful experience, it is part of our strategy to connect and work together with other services that want to provide an added value to their communities introducing them to the importance of content and content hubs with Paper.li. We believe Paper.li is a versatile and powerful tool that can be used and integrated in many ways and we’d love to see many other communities joining us in the future.

Wix is a website building platform that is characterized for being simple and hassle free allowing anyone regardless of their technical knowledge to create and maintain a website. With more than 50 million users, they have proved their success! And we are very happy to see our tool representing the importance of content aggregation and curation as part of their app offering.

Want to learn more or need some help? Contact us at wixsupport@paper.li and we’ll be happy to help out.

Let’s give a warm welcome to the Wix community!!

Magda Alexandra Torres
Magda is a Social Media and Communications professional. Her main interests include corporate communications and social networking. She also enjoys traveling, blogging and learning. You can reach her on: @MagdaATQ.

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9 Responses to “Paper.li Welcomes the Wix Community!”

  1. Julian

    We’re very excited to see this development, however, it looks like the paper.li app does not support the mobile version of WIX sites. Can you please comment on how to make the WIX paper.li app properly display on the mobile site?

    • Magda Alexandra Torres

      Oops Julian, sorry it took me a long time to see your comment! WIX had made a change that caused a bug but it has since been fixed and mobile view for the News Page is now optimized and should be working correctly. Are you still having issues?

  2. Robert

    I was somewhat disappointed at the limited sources available on the wix app compared to the paper.li site. Was more interested in showcasing/linking to relevant articles than to social media…


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