Free paper benefits affected

Beginning March 8, made an important product change that may have had an impact on your free paper.    

We remain committed to offering as a free service; if you are a publisher of a free paper, you’ll continue to be able to use your paper as a way to find interesting, relevant, topic-based content.

The free service going forward

If you’re currently a publisher of a free paper, you will continue to have the ability to: 

  • automatically find interesting, relevant, content
  • share your content and paper on Twitter, automatically, according to your publishing schedule
  • have full use of edit mode, allowing you to move articles to/from a section, delete or blacklist a source/user
  • receive a notification by email, informing you that a fresh, new edition has been created
  • export your subscribers’ emails by visiting your Account Settings and choosing “Your papers”


The changes that took place on March 8

Some of the benefits you enjoyed may have moved to the paid Pro plan on March 8th, such as:

Promotion on Social Media 

  • Your auto-promotion on Twitter continues, but promotion on Facebook and Linkedin has ceased.

Web presence (paper customization options)

  • All customizations to your paper’s design have been removed.
  • Any embeds, such as the Nomad and Headline widgets, are no longer be functional in your website.  A visitor to your site will not see an error message but the widget no longer appears.
  • You are no longer able to select/de-select your paper section menu topics in the settings.

Newsletter service

  • Your paper’s content is no longer sent via newsletter to your subscribers and your paper’s subscription box no longer appears on your paper.

Content Sources

Archived editions

  • Your paper editions are now archived for the past 30 days only.

Our primary goal is to make sustainable long term, ensuring continued innovation and productivity. Read the full statement from our Founder and CEO regarding why we have made this change.

For existing Pro papers, there has been absolutely no change to your subscription, pricing or benefits.


Text edited at 11:00 CET 09 March, 2016