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Could 2015 Be the Year of LinkedIn?

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Could 2015 Be the Year of LinkedIn

Each end of quarter is a great opportunity to see where the major social platforms (and social media) are headed. Facebook had another great year, as the reported numbers for Q4 2014 reveal. The same goes for LinkedIn. And while Twitter experienced slow growth, it still has potential to increase its user base.

Towards a Mobile-Centric Social Media World

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Towards a Mobile-Centric Social Media World

With a growing number of users, especially on the mobile front, marketers and brands that want to survive the shift will have to throw all old-fashioned tactics away as soon as possible and instead start paying attention to online chatter.

Going Visual: The Rise of Pinterest and Messaging Apps

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Going Visual: The Rise of Pinterest & Messaging Apps

In 2012, Pinterest hit the 10 million visitor mark. In the same breath, it also became the first network in history to reach the landmark so fast. Three years later, Pinterest does not show any sign of slowing down.

As similar visual platforms and messaging apps continue transforming the social media landscape, businesses find themselves forced to adapt to their markets. And, as today’s roundup shows, SMBs in particular are slowly but surely investing more time and money into hitting the right target…

E-commerce Is Changing: This Is Why

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E-commerce Is Changing- This Is Why

In a recent roundup of predictions from the #BizHeroes community, I mentioned the need for brands to understand the relationship that ties them to their advocates and customers.

Whether we want it or not, technology has made people savvier. They now have more choices than ever. And they will take advantage of them.

This Week in Social Media: The Future of Videos May Not Be on YouTube

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The future of Videos may not be on YouTube

Do you know that people watch 6 billion hours of monthly video on YouTube alone? We also upload 100 hours of video per minute there.

Despite being the second largest search engine after Google Search, YouTube is not as dominant as it used to be. Actually, the balance may be shifting towards native videos on Facebook and potentially Twitter.

In this week’s roundup, we also cover some news about Pinterest and LinkedIn.

This Week in Social Media: The Beginning of the End for Fake Accounts?

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The Beginning of the End for Fake Accounts-

A few years ago, Klout changed its algorithm to offer users more accurate and transparent scores. The team explained that this would lead to a decrease in people’s scores.

When members realized that they had lost between 10 and 20 points overnight, many took to Facebook, Twitter, and their blogs to vent. The whole event triggered a passionate wave of conversations on the value of social influence.

The discussion was ignited again this month thanks to Instagram.

This week’s roundup also covers the latest developments in the Facebook and Google worlds. Read further for more not-to-be-missed news…

6 Social Media Campaigns You Can Learn from in 2015

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6 social media campaigns you can learn from in 2015

Every end of year is a good time to reflect on what brands have done right and wrong in social media. While 2013 ended with a glimmer of hope despite some huge blunders, 2014 seems to have witnessed some notable improvements. Does it mean that the word “mistake” or “fail” will never be used next… Read more »