5 Steps to Build your LinkedIn Profile and Grow your Followers

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established executive, a student or a small business owner, building your LinkedIn profile will help you achieve your goals. Being active on the platform will bring you value, and increasing your network and digital presence will bring job offers, business leads, knowledge, education, and more. 

But just like anything else in life, if you decide to do it, make sure to do it right. Build your LinkedIn profile and grow your followers today by following these steps to success.

Plan it, dammit

This doesn’t have to be exhaustive by any means, but starting any project with a plan (preferably written) is always a good idea. 

What topics/issues/opinions do you want to be known for? (your personal brand). It is strongly recommended to have a focus here and stick to one or two related topics. For example, if someone follows you to hear about marketing, and your next 10 posts are about climate change (with no marketing angle), you might lose them. 


Now to caveat this, you can get away with posting about multiple topics, but in that case, you need an angle. For example, let’s have a look at some topics: #leadership is a topic often discussed on LinkedIn and resonates well with people since it’s common to many. So go ahead and take advantage of Linkedin’s topic features and discuss all the topics in the world, so long as you look at them from a leadership perspective.

Make simple goals such as a number of posts per week (want to crush it? Post every single day), and a number of new connections.

Be personal. Be bold. Be you.

This is probably the most important point, so listen up. Be you. This is the only way that you will get good engagement on your content. Stay away from resharing articles without adding your commentary. And this is where many people go wrong – starting with articles as their go-to LinkedIn post. Instead, write what you are thinking and feeling. Use articles as inspiration to trigger you, but make the content about your reactions and thoughts. 

✔ Use “I think”, “I feel”

✔ Document your thoughts and turn them into posts

✔ Give real tips, ones that are uncommon

✔ Think outside the box – LinkedIn doesn’t always have to be so “professional”

✔ Use humor, emotion, sympathy, enthusiasm (related to the point above)

✔ Write your profile in the first person

Find content in strange places

Related to the point about not always starting with an article, there are many types of content that will perform exceptionally well. The key is to always keep LinkedIn and content sharing in the back of your mind.

Think about what you can share when doing these things:

🎤Listening to podcasts

💬Conversations with managers, team, colleagues

😂Funny and at least somewhat work-related content from Facebook and Instagram

💭Document your thoughts as you have them

Keep a log or journal or things you’d like to post. Do this and you’ll see how much content you can actually produce. You’ll be on your way to building your LinkedIn profile and growing your followers.

Comment and like, every day

This one is almost like proper manners. Why would anyone show you love if you don’t love back. You’ll find that you establish this small community of likes, comments, and reciprocity with the same people. As time passes, that community will grow. 

Make full use of LinkedIn profile options

Should this have been number one? Probably. Here are some tips that maybe you haven’t thought of yet. 

  • Add a great background image, one that represents your personal brand
  • Use the new featured section to highlight your best posts
  • Add links in your summary and experience sections to showcase things you can consider part of your portfolio, like articles, videos, awards and more

Follow these steps to build your LinkedIn profile, your digital presence, and your online personal brand.

Dan Di Federico
I'm the Executive Director at and Finity.

One thought on “5 Steps to Build your LinkedIn Profile and Grow your Followers”

  1. Your tips work. I went to LinkedIn after reading your article and commented on a few posts and shares. Within 10 minutes I had someone “Follow” me. Taking the time to comment after “liking” a post shares that “Personal. Bold. Me.” that has something to say and that people want to hear. A great reminder to make LinkedIn personal – engaging rather than simply broadcasting on the platform.

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