A few months ago, we stumbled upon a super interesting personality on the Twitter-sphere and started following his tweets about SEO and general business marketing. After a little while, we were happy to find he had his very own Paper.li: The @LukaszZelezny’s Kingdom.



Originally from Poland, Lukasz Zelezny has been living in London for the  past 10 years. When he’s not busy managing Organic Acquisition at uSwitch.com, he jumps on random trains, has a  good steak and heads back.

Other than visiting interesting places, Lukasz is also into music (he even used to compose drum and bass tracks!) and of course, SEO. He loves diving into the technology of online marketing and making sure traffic numbers and conversions are completely optimized.

Wanting to know more about SEO and shine the spotlight on his Paper.li, we asked Lukasz to answer a few questions and invited him to be a guest on our #BizHeroes Twitter chat! Let’s learn more!


Why did you create your paper @LukaszZelezni’s Kingdom?


I found Paper.li as a great solution for someone too busy to write a blogpost every day.

The design and ability to customize are great. Also the fact that you can add Google Analytics made me feel that it is worth to try.

As an SEO professional, I also find it a nice case study for content curation to share at conferences or workshops.

I am a PRO user at the moment and if you ask me, it is worth every penny. And it is not only my opinion. A couple of my friends have become PRO users too.


Tell us something about SEO that no one else has?


SEO it’s a lifestyle, not a job. Keeping on top of the game means  conferences, meetups, workshops, webinars and of course a lot of blogging about what we learn.  We SEOs are like a huge family  and we make every effort to keep one another in the know. Here in London, where everybody knows each other it works like that.

From a technical point I think we can say that SEO has become a blend of UX (user experience), CRO (conversion rate optimization), and PR (public relations) optimization. Because of that, SEOs can improve skillsets in many areas of online marketing.

There are a lot of many useful tools available. Like BuzzSumo or ViralContentBuzz to help with research that weren’t available even couple of years ago. The profession is rapidly changing and to stay on top you need to be passionate about it.

If you are are already involved in SEO and want to step up your game, here’s a tip: Combine two or more data sources, or tools, that appear similar (but aren’t) to give you the full picture.

Here are two examples of hot SEO topics that will give you outstanding results and data to work with:

1. Link research

MajesticSEO + Ahrefs + Searchmetrics + OpensiteExplorer + Google Webmaster Tools

The combination of these tools will give you website link profile that nobody else has. Just remove duplication using excel and that’s it!

2. Keyword research

Searchmetrics + SEMRush + SpyFu + Google Webmaster Tools

Use these together and you’ll have more keywords than you know what to do with. Just remember to remove your duplications.

If you are just getting started with SEO basics,  please join me June 30 at #BizHeroes. We’ll be covering what you need to know to get started.


Let’s talk about Paper.li How does your paper help you on a daily base?


I look to my audience on Twitter as an indication of how important news is. So, when I see favourites or RTs on my twitter feed pointing to my Paper.li, I know there is probably something important I should be reading there.

It’s a great tool in this respect for strengthening relationships and, in a way, crowdsourcing feedback what I should be looking at are sharing further.

Name some sources or “Twitter users” that you trust and are worth checking out.


There are really too many to choose from, but if you’re interested in the topic of SEO, here are a few:

Blogs and websites: Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine News, Moz.

Users: @SEOSmarty, @URLProfiler, @ScreamingFrog, @Searchmetrics, @SEMRush, @BuzzSumo, @VCBuzz or @ClickZ

Hashtags: #SEO (pretty obvious ☺ ), #BrightonSEO or #CZLJKT (all ClickZ Conferences hashtags)

And I am using most of the above to build my @LukaszZelezny’s Kingdom Paper.li.




Search Engine Optimization is the science behind appearing on the first pages of a Google search. If your business has a website, then SEO is very important for you. Make sure you check this article to learn more about it and join us for #BizHeroes on Tuesday, June 30th where Lukasz himself will be responding to our questions and helping us understand a bit more about how SEO can help our websites.

Here are the questions he’ll be responding to:


Q1. Let’s define — What is (and what isn’t) Search Engine Optimization? 

Q2. SEO has changed a lot over the past five years. What are the most important changes small business owners or small team marketers need to be aware of? 

Q3. When we talk about SEO it seems there are two components: On Page (content) and Off Page (behind the scenes) SEO. Let’s discuss that!

Q3a On Page SEO. What is it and how can we optimize for it? 

Q3b Off Page SEO. What is it and how can we optimize for it?

Q4. How does social media affect SEO? 

Q5. If a team is tight on budget and time, where do you suggest focusing efforts?

Q6. What are some of your favorite tools for getting a full picture on how content and websites are performing? 

If you want to connect with Lukasz join us for #BizHeroes and find his LinkedIn here. Also, you could catch him at any of the conferences he participates on. This year, he’s going to be in France, Shanghai and Malta.

Have any questions about SEO? Leave them in the comments!

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