YouTube is full of examples of incredible videos with great production values. These are not being done by massive studios with huge budgets. They are effects being put in place by average people with average equipment.

Long gone are the days when video content requires huge budgets or expertise: You can create video content for your business easily and on a budget! Here’s how:

*Easy* Video Marketing Ideas

1. Connect with your Customers

If you don’t have time or resources to invest into video content yet, let your community help! Invite customers to send you their video reviews or testimonials in exchange for discounts. Start a video contest or a video challenge. Use Tomoson to expand your reach:

Notice that you can specify minimum requirements to those who apply to your campaign. That’s a great way find Youtube influencers outside of normal reach.

2. Create a video “Paper” is a great way to curate your own and/or your influencers’ (see above) videos into a weekly magazine that will also auto-tweet each issue automatically. That’s a great content asset out there! Here’s a quick guide into how to curate video content using

Create a video "Paper"

3. Create a video course

Pack your videos together and create a free or a paid Udemy course. That’s a great loyalty building tactic and a solid brand marketing asset.

Here’s one we created for MyBlogU for example:

MyBlogU video course

4. Re-package your videos into a mobile app is an easy way to create and publish an iPhone and Android app based on your site content. A solid journal of videos can be your app idea! Here is one we created for Viral Content Buzz for example!

Viral Content Buzz mobile app

*Easy* Video Creation Tools

Video creation tools have become more and more sophisticated, while also becoming more user-friendly and simple to use. Anyone can create the next viral video, with varying levels of complexity and skill.

These six tools are excellent ones for creating amazing videos, and without a lot of cash or expertise involved. Use them to turn your videos from “meh” to “amazing”.


Do you own a business? Using video ads can be a great way of alerting people to your brand, and spreading awareness of your products. Luckily, you don”t have to spend millions on a flashy advertising campaign produced by a fancy studio. Simple video ads can be created with Shakr, all of which are high quality and fully customizable.

You can pick video templates based on either industry or tone, like energetic or professional. You choose either a free or a paid template. Free templates can be upgraded for branding. Within minutes, you can have an effective and good looking video ad ready to play anywhere.


Need something really simple? Just want to tell a story? Animoto is a slideshow-style video production software that allows you to choose a background and song, add video clips, images and text, and publish and share it with anyone you like.

The best part, it is very easy to use. For more advanced options, you can use their business tools. Prices range between $9.99 and $29.99 per month, with various features for either personal, professional or enterprise use.


You have an awesome idea…now what? It isn’t always easy bringing your vision to life, but Directr has you covered. They know how to lead you from point A to point B and beyond. You will be given the tools you need, and guidance on how to proceed each step of the way. Best of all? All you need is your phone.


Chances are, you have watched a video made with Camtasia. It is one of the most popular tools favored by some of the most famous YouTubers, and for good reason. More complex than some other tools, it is good to have at least a little experience creating and editing videos.

If not, you can find plenty of guides out there showing you how to best utilize the many features Camtasia has to offer. It is a little pricey, at $99. But it is a one time fee, either for a download or a boxed version (you pay shipping and handling).


Similar to Animoto, Magisto is a three step video making service. You take a video clip or photos, put them together in a chosen video template, and add music.

You customize along the way, but most of it is taken care of. The result is a surprisingly well done video that tells a simple story or conveys a quick message. You can make videos for free, and literally finish them within a couple of minutes. So if you want something fast, this is the way to go.


Aimed mostly at businesses, you could theoretically use this tool for any purpose, including educational. You are able to make your own animated cartoons, made in various styles of your choosing. Whether it is a sales video, a training video, or just something you wanted to make up for fun, these tools will help you do it.

The service starts at $39 per month for their basic package, but they do have a free trial so you can test it out before committing. Given how intricate this tool is (though it is easy enough to use), it is worth the price.

YouTube Capture

With an app, you can capture any moment from your smartphone and immediately upload it to your YouTube account. This takes away some of the hassle, and lets you share anything, anywhere.

As first-person perspective becomes more common in reporting events, this is a really good thing to have on hand. Just think for a moment about all those incredible events people capture on their phones these days. The meteor in Russia, protests leading to riots, or even amusing little things, such as someone chasing their dog “Fenton” as he herds animals across a park. You never know what is going to happen. lists a few more video apps for Android.

*Easy* Video Enhancing Tools


Beamr is the only video optimizer that guarantees preservation of quality when reducing video file size. This one is a must if you do a lot of videos or if you do live streaming from conferences or other types events.

Speaking of live streaming, Webhosting Hub has some great tips on how to host live-streaming videos.

Youtube Enhancements

You can edit your videos right from the upload page, enhancing them to fit your needs or just improving the overall quality. The instructions to using the manager are located here, and it includes auto-fix, lighting and shadow, stabilization, trimming, filters, face blurring and slow motion. The benefit of having this at your disposal is that it is so quick to edit your videos.

Not all clips that end up on YouTube are going to have heavy production values. Even those that do, a couple of things might have been overlooked and it is much easier to fix it while uploading than to go back and run it through an editing software again. Especially when those are tiny fixes, like adding an annotation, or boosting the lighting.

Don’t put out boring videos. Use these tips and tools to make something memorable, that really works for you. Whether you are a business, or you just want something for personal use, there is something that is right for you.

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the brand and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas, founder of and manager at ViralContentBee.

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  1. Brian Hughes

    Video’s are a powerful marketing tool independently – but can be a great marketing accessory to anyone’s content marketing efforts. It’s wiser to embed videos on your site ir blog from 3rd party platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. Rather than using internal video widgets. Great post, Ann!

  2. Anton

    Thanks for mentioning Shakr, Ann! We truly believe that we’re empowering small and medium businesses to be able to utilize the power of video and challenege the big guys. These are exciting times, you don’t need a big marketing budget any longer to create great video that you can push to your target demographic on for example Facebook.

  3. Steve Kaplan

    I’d never heard of buildfire. We are surely going to give this a shot as we grow our video content and utilize your other strategies to get there! Thanks for the share.

  4. Arthur Morehead

    Some great stuff here Ann Love the links, As an artist I don’t have the time to do some of my editting and using Animoto all the time has just became boring, Shaking up the variety has been well done and even reminded me of the ones I had forgotten about Thanks again,

  5. Dianna

    Thank you for such informative list. Video marketing is powerful and it improves the artist skills much.


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