At, we love passionate people. We enjoy watching how their passions fuel their lives and careers.

Gabriela Cordón is a great example of that. Plus, she is one of our publishers. A great combo, don’t you think?

Gabriela loves coffee. After a ten-year stint with the Guatemalan Coffee Association, she became an independent consultant in 2009. Her areas of focus have included market penetration and development, estate auctions, corporate and institutional image communication, and selection of fine coffee micro-lots.

In her 16 years in the coffee industry, the Guatemalan pro has partnered and worked with many people and organizations around the world — international aid, growers, exporters, co-ops…

Her favorite activity? “Cupping and judging coffee barista competitions.”

A crucial part of Gabriela’s work as a consultant and communication professional consists in keeping her fingers on the pulse of her industry. She needs access to that important information to deliver it in a timely and attractive manner.

That’s why Gabriela uses Ired4U, her daily paper, features hand-picked coffee-related content relayed by Twitter users and global publications and blogs.


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“I used to read and share articles in my early coffee career through e-mail lists,” she says. “But the more and more I read, the need of an efficient and easy to reach page was imperative, where I could post all the articles and share them with just one click. When I read about, I thought it was the tool I was looking for to create Ired4U. Plus, it is user friendly, it has guides and videos on how to use it, it is fantastic!”

Created in October 2012, Ired4U has reached thousands of people around the world so far, including Guatemalan coffee growers, coffee buyers, and professionals in the industry. The paper is predominantly in English due to the leading trends and studies being done in consumer markets.

However, Gabriela does not forget her Spanish-speaking audience. She will include content in that language whenever something newsworthy or meaningful happens. “Being bilingual allows me to have a wider scope and source of information,” she says.

Like the rest of our publishers, Gabriela believes in the power of community. She sees sharing useful content as a way to bridge gaps and build solid (partnerships and) relationships in her field. That’s the way you gain the trust of those around you.

“Even if [people] don’t publicly share or follow [the content], they see it in the social media and it has even inspired them to create their own. Nowadays, it is important to say that you know, but it is more important to do and show that you do. Creating Ired4U does precisely that: shares content, but also builds credibility to my profession and business.”

As a PRO user, Gabriel has been able to personalize her paper to fit her needs and the needs of her readers. For example, she replaced our boring sidebar ads with her own. And with the RSS feed feature, she gives people the opportunity to follow her where it’s convenient for them. Pretty cool, right?

Check out Gabriela’s paper here. You can also connect with her on Twitter or via her website.  

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