Like all things, there’s an early and a late adopter curve.

POEM emerged three years ago as an acronym for Paid, Owned, Earned Media. It was the first real attempt to pull together an integrated model.

Digital Media didn’t stand still to wait for people (brands) to adopt POEM. The landscape of social media has evolved so fast that few have achieved any real mastery in one tool, never mind a complete integrated strategy. These slides explain and explore what’s happened and what’s emerging.

I propose a new acronym, SCOPE, which if a truer reflection of today’s and tomorrow’s reality. Your digital strategy needs to shoot for where the puck is going, not where it is today.

These slides expose some complex ideas in really simple terms. They expose things that are happening but didn’t have a name, e.g., Hybrid Media. Most importantly they drill into to define what “Social Media” truly is.

Content has changed and is changing. Have you?

Join me on BizHeroes chat and we’ll explore these questions.

Feel free to embed these slides and lists on your own blog. Add your own commentary.

Add them to your Paperli. Ask your audience for their impression.

POEM / SCOPE should be the driving model behind your social strategies.

If not, why not. Do tell. This is work. Grab coffee.  Dig in. Read. Take the time. Allow the ideas in.

Feel free to share, pass comment and like the slides. These are the social actions today that trigger conversation.

Are you just lurking? Did you know about 1:9:90…

See you on the chat. Let the debate begin.

Nick Kellet

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One Response to “11 Shifts that Are Driving the Future of Paid, Owned, Earned and Social Media”

  1. Kristine Allcroft

    Fantastic overview and summary of where we’ve been and where we’re going with content marketing and social.
    Thanks for this. Intelligent, thoughtful and thought provoking!


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