We are excited to unveil an entirely new way of publishing the next edition of your Paper.li: by hand and at your convenience using a Content Draft.

Content Draft is more than a new feature. It is a new dimension in the paper creation process that brings together the best of two worlds — the power and intelligence of Paper.li’s content engine to surface topic relevant content with 100% absolute control over the publishing process, allowing you to create a new edition privately while your current edition is still online.

Content Draft is created with marketing and communication professionals in mind but is a perfect fit for anyone who needs absolute control over the selection, placement and sign-off of content before it is published.

The Backstory

Earlier this year, PR and Communications professional Alberto Guerrero was experimenting with Paper.li as a formal communication channel for F.C Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué.

Alberto loved the ease and power of Paper.li to surface the most relevant content shared by Gerard’s fans daily, but what he also needed was a way to preselect content for a each edition and the ability to publish at a time convenient with his travel schedule.

We asked Alberto to work with us to develop a solution that would suit his needs as well as the needs of our time-pressed communication professionals in the community, and Content Draft was born. You can view Gerard Piqué’s official Paper.li here!

Here’s an overview of Content Draft’s main features and benefits:

  • Suggested Content Queue: we still save you time by fetching, analyzing and presenting the content sources you have selected, but you select which pieces of content appear in your next edition from a new content queue.
  • Manual Content Placement: select each piece of content one-by-one or by bulk load multiple pieces of content at a time from the Queue. A simply drag and drop interface makes it easy. Each piece of content is labeled by topic so you know where it fits into your edition, however you can place it under the topic that suits you best.
  • Offline Paper Creation: you assemble your next edition, offline, and at your convenience. Once you hit the publish button, your Draft becomes your current edition and your previous edition moves to the archives as usual.
  • Flexible publishing: once a week, twice a week, every ten days, every thirty days or somewhere in between. You publish at your convenience. We’ll even store your Content Draft for you up to thirty days.
  • Sticky editions: when you switch to Draft Mode your current edition becomes “sticky” and remains online while you create your edition publishes.

Content Draft is available under our Pro package. Click on the link to watch a short show-you video on how to get started and, or, learn more in detail about Content Draft in this article.

We’re really excited about Content Draft and hearing how it helps support your workflow. Leave us a comment with feedback and let us know your thoughts.

Kelly Hungerford
Community Builder| Customer Experience & Care Strategist
Kelly's a Digital Operations Specialist and Social Brand Strategist. She helps Startups and SMBs build lean marketing operations leveraging Social Media to support business goals and connect with the people who matter most.

As former Head of Community and Communications for Paper.li, she was responsible for building community-centric operations to support Paper.li's rapidly growing user-base and founding #BizHeroes, Paper.li's Brand Twitter Chat that takes place Tuesdays at 2pm ET.

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9 Responses to “New! Create your next edition of Paper.li by hand”

  1. Christian Schaaf

    We’re planning to use paper.li as our news publishing source. Since we are a special interest website, we would appreciate a much more refinded topic sections handling. Right now, since there is no way to edit topic sections manually, we use “arts & entertaiment” for practically all articels. Naturally, in an arts magazine, we will hardly ever publish something on “politics”, “sports” or so. Rather about “opera”, “concert”, or “dance”. Possible solution: Manual editing of topic sections which are selectable by the browser applet.

    • Kelly Hungerford

      Hi Christian,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. You aren’t alone! The good news is that we are currently working Topic Section enhancement that will allow you to rename your categories as you wish. That should help you (and a lot of other publishers) out!

      Stay tuned — we’ll release the news here when it goes live!

  2. Kelly Hungerford

    Thank you Anthony! That puts a smile on our faces. Thanks also for the German tips the other day 😉 It’s good to know my community has my back!

  3. Carol Bremner

    Thanks for this new feature and also the one that re-directs to the Paper.li edition on my website.

    Another feature I have really found helpful is the option to add some of my own text to the top of my Paper.li before I send it to my email list as HTML code. Any chance that feature could also be included in the regular papers as well? That way, we could have a little editor’s note at the top of the paper as a little introduction to that edition, or even as a short post of our own first.


    • Kelly Hungerford

      Hi Carol,

      I’m thrilled you like the new features. You do have the option to add that text to the newsletter html on Paper.li as well.

      You can add a personal message to your newsletter under your email options where you customize. You’re right — adding a personal note to say hi or to provide context around the content you’re sharing is a great way to keep your readers engaged.

      As for adding a message other than what is already in the editor’s note on your paper; nope, we don’t have an option there. If you want to send through some more details about your thoughts I’m happy to speak to the team about it.

      As always, thank you for all you do Carol!

  4. Rachel

    What A Wicked Idea!!!
    This is a super-fantastic idea you guys have designated for the ” reading masses!” I’ll bet you’re going to be to be receiving some quite innovative content, indeed ! I do have a question. As of now, I haven’t established a website yet and am working on a DIY under another companies domain…would this suffice?

    • Kelly Hungerford

      Hi Rachel,

      Curated content is a powerful way to establish yourself and your business and, in fact, we have a lot of people publishing with us who don’t have a blog or website and use Paper.li as their content hub to meet, greet and engage community.

      Let us know when you get started and how we can help. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  5. Cherie Boeneman

    Hi. I was sick for quite awhile (better now). Things have changed here. I like the changes for the most part but how do I get the “button” to put on my favorites bar? It used to be so easy to share but I do not see that option. Is it no longer an option?


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