Great news, Marketers! We’ve just rolled out two new enhancements to the email notifications that you are absolutely going to love.

The Curated Email Newsletter service is the most popular Pro feature we offer. Why? Because we make creating and sending beautiful email newsletters to your readers a snap.

But you told us during a recent survey that while our email newsletters are a great timesaver and offer an easy alternative to a hand crafted email newsletter, you needed an option that offered more flexibility: you wanted more content than the Single Alert notification and less content than the Full Curated Email Newsletter. Now you have it! now offers three, fully branded and customizable email notifications to deliver news to your readers.  If you haven’t yet tried out Pro, this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade.

Here’s what’s new, and how Email Newsletters can help you:

1. Single Article Alert 

Clean and simple, this alert boasts your paper’s featured article and is sent to your subscribers, automatically, each time a new edition of your paper goes online.

This alert is included in our Basic package and becomes a mega powerhouse when you upgrade to Pro. With Pro, all of the branding and customization options for the newsletters are now available for this alert, as well as the option to turn off automatic promotion with the notification control setting.

Include your paper’s top banner, a custom subject line and a personalized message or call to action in your alert and you’re delivering a short, sweet and brand-tastic news to your readers daily.

2. ‘Headlines Only’ Newsletter: New Pro feature! 

This newsletter offers your readers a highlight of what’s in your current edition. The Headlines Only Newsletter default is five articles, but if you would like to include more, no problem.

From your paper, simply switch notification control to on, promote the additional content you would like included in the newsletter to the headlines, and send your email newsletter out.

Who’s this feature best for? Marketers who are using as a stand alone service and would like to drive traffic back to their paper. This option pairs well with marketers who switch up paper branding every few weeks, swap out calls to actions in ad units, giving readers a reason to check back in.

3. Full Content Email Newsletter: Pro feature

This option sends the full front page of your newspaper to your readers daily.

Who’s this feature best for? Marketers who have a blog or website but who don’t have time to send a weekly newsletter and want to provide a service to their readers. The full content newsletter is a great way to stay top of mind. Rounding up industry, market or niche content daily takes time and readers appreciate topic relevant news delivered daily or weekly.

This is also a great option if you are using within your organization to serve up industry news round ups. Teams and departments will thank you!

Review of Pro Newsletter options: Pro offers numerous customization options for your alerts and email newsletters

  • Banner branding: display the top banner for your paper on your alert and newsletters.
  • Custom subject line: customize it! Change it daily, weekly or not at all.
  • From field: add your name, or your company’s name and make it easier for your readers to identify you as the sender of the incoming mail.
  • Custom message: add a text message, a call to action, a hyperlink or  special offer. Use this area to build a relationship with your subscribers.
  • HTML export: if you use a third party email service, you can export the code and your curated content to your own template.
The team and I look forward to hearing how the new branding enhancements work for you. Leave a comment or send us a tweet @Paper_li and let us know.

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