A few weeks back in one of our Tweet Chats on Visual Storytelling with Ekaterina Walter, Ekaterina dropped a statistic that has kept me thinking ever since:

“In the age of “infobesity” and with an adult attention span of 3-8 seconds, marketers need to learn how to stand out with visual content”

As marketers we are faced with multitude of platforms and content tactics to reach our audiences. As the amount of content created on a daily basis increases and trends in content consumption change, it’s necessary to experiment with new forms of content and new platforms.

Platforms that enable us to create, distribute and embed visual content are going play a more central role in our marketing and PR strategies. One platform that’s silently been building a reputation as a visual platform powerhouse for the past few years is Slideshare. With more than 60 million visitors per month and last year’s acquisition by LinkedIn, Slideshare is becoming a favorite with both marketers and PR professionals.

Here are a few reasons why I like Slideshare:


1. It is easy to use

Slideshare’s ready to use and user friendly platform is an advantage. It’s a matter of uploading your Powerpoint or PDF presentation and you’re ready to go. Their Pro package is affordable and necessary for marketing.

2. It’s hyper compatible with mobile

With more than 5 times as many cellphones in the world as there are PC’s having responsive design is a must.

3. It’s embeddable

If you can embed it, you can easily repurpose it and so can other viewers. Slideshare is a great way to keep your brand forefront and center as it travels to other sites, posts and platforms.

4. It’s a content discovery platform

Marketers and PR professionals are always on the lookout for useful content to curate and share with their respective audiences. Slideshare is an excellent discovery platform. One simple keyword search brings up endless content opportunities.

5. It’s a lead generation platform

Slideshare is one of most visited 200 websites in the world and the most popular document and presentation-sharing website. With last year’s acquisition by LinkedIn, Slideshare’s potential as a lead generation tool became even more interesting. 

It’s also a great discovery tool for Brands to discover community members and the content their community is creating around their brand.

Note: as a community builder I love Slideshare for research and discovery. As a marketer, I’ve recently discovered Slideshare as a lead generation tool. In terms of PR, I’m still learning and that’s exactly that reason I have asked Carrie Morgan from Rock the Status Quo to join us on #BizHeroes Tweet Chat April 22, 11am PST, 2pm EST, 20h CET!

Carrie has a nice track record of achieving great results both for her business as well as for her clients. You can view her Slideshare profile here.

Here are two examples of how I’m using Slideshare for marketing:


Not long after we launched our beta-version of Paper.li, I was searching Slideshare for community members active on the platform. I typed the keyword “curation” into the search field and Paper.li power-publisher Donna Papacosta caught my eye with her presentation “How to Curate Twitter with Paper.li“.

Besides Donna’s thorough explanation of how Paper.li can help users get the most out Twitter, what really caught my eye –and ear — was the combination of voice and visuals. Donna didn’t simply show readers how Paper.li worked with slides, she spoke to viewers and guided them with her voice.

The ability to combine voice and visuals is an aspect of Slideshare that I still find under-utilised by marketers and extremely effective in making an emotional connection with your community — especially if you have a great voice, like Donna’s.

Fast forward three years, and still today when I read a Tweet, post or interview with Donna the first thing that comes to mind is Donna’s voice and then her Paper.li presentation. It makes any content that I read from her more memorable. That’s powerful!


Although I have leveraged Slideshare to date mostly for content and user discovery, I have also started dabbling with Slideshare at Paper.li as a platform to showcase thoughts and best practices for our ambassador program, Business Heroes.

I used my three part interview with Judy Gombita on Global Public Relations, Mindful Curation with Paper.li and Building Communities as a first opportunity to experiment with the platform.

One of Judy’s many talents is her long-form writing.  It was important for me to preserve her art and style of writing. Additionally, the interview in its entirety read more like an e-book. Judy suggested that Slideshare may something to look into following the success of Stephan Waddington’s Blogging for Business ebook. I agreed and felt that was something to explore.

I created a pdf for each part of the three part series and converted the pdfs to Slideshare, then embedded a presentation into each individual post.

Here’s what I liked about this approach:

1.  Judy’s interview was preserved and published in its entirety. I was able to publish just a portion of the interview on the blog and then refer to a presentation.

2. The content is available in two formats: blog posts and embeddable media giving our Business Hero double exposure and more content options for sharing her thoughts and wisdom.

3. It provides brand discovery opportunities for current users and prospects to learn more about Paper.li and our publishers.

I’m curious to learn more about how you are using Slideshare. Leave a comment and your thoughts about the platform and let’s exchange ideas.

Join us for #BizHeroes: How to use Slideshare for Marketing and PR

If you’re curious about how you can leverage Slideshare for marketing and PR efforts, join me, co-moderator Magda Torres and special Tweet-guest Carrie Morgan Tuesday, April 22 for #BizHeroes on Twitter. We’ll be discussing how to use Slideshare for Marketing and PR. Here are some excellent pre-chat examples of how Carrie is leveraging Slideshare for her marketing and PR efforts. Join us!

Update: There were great tips, tools and thoughts shared during the chat. If you missed the chat, no worries. I captured it all in this Storify!

Post co-editor: Magda Torres

Image: Carrie Morgan’s Slideshare

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As former Head of Community and Communications for Paper.li, she was responsible for building community-centric operations to support Paper.li's rapidly growing user-base and founding #BizHeroes, Paper.li's Brand Twitter Chat that takes place Tuesdays at 2pm ET.

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