According to the Social Media and Sales Quota Report study, 78% of salespeople that use Social Media outsell their peers. And when it comes to exceeding (more than 10%) sales quota’s, social media sellers are 23% more successful than their non social peers.

This leaves little doubt today that social selling is completely reinventing the sales model and leaving the cold calls and sales demos behind. Generating leads is now the result of sharing, educating and engaging in social media. It is estimated that businesses who blog 16 times a month will see, on average, 3 times the leads of those who don’t blog.

To better understand what changes have taken over the past few years in the sales process and how we need to shift our mentality to succeed, we invited social selling leader and author, Barbara Giamanco, to join us as Tweet-guest on #BizHeroes. If you missed the chat, you can view the summary on Storify : How to Get Started with Social Selling.

Barbara and the community fueled my curiosity with tips on getting started with social selling as well as using social media for networking, prospecting and generating leads during the Tweet chat. I’ve taken a few minutes to gather together links shared during the chat as well as include a few additional resources that I think are helpful in general.

Here’s my short list on how to get started with social selling!

1.The Top 25 Sales Influencers of 2013 Pinterest board.

2. The ROI of Social Selling 

3. 5 Reasons Why your Company’s Sales Team Needs to be More Social

4. Top 50 Sales & Marketing Blogs

5. Tell a Story That Matters

6. The Mini-Guide to Social Selling

7. 11 Ways to Wow NOW!

8. Social Centered Selling Moments, Tips from Barbara Giamanco

9. How to Sell in an Online World 

10. The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media book by Barbara Giamanco.

Bonus: Barbara is a longtime member of the family and we’re thrilled to call her community. We caught up with Barbara a while back to tap her insights on social selling for the community blog. You can read our interview with her below:

11. “Getting Started with Social Selling”

12. “Speed up Your Sales with Social Selling

Who are your go-to social selling experts? Do you have resources you’d like to add to this list? Leave me a comment and share your thoughts below.

If you have ideas for topics we could cover on our #BizHeroes chat, let us know by tweeting us to the @smallrivers account.

Magda Alexandra Torres
Magda is a Social Media and Communications professional. Her main interests include corporate communications and social networking. She also enjoys traveling, blogging and learning. You can reach her on: Google+ and @MagdaATQ.

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