This weeks post highlights– surprise! — Five Things that I think are worth sharing every week.

From product updates to news from the community, upcoming events to  cool new tools… content will be a surprise, but always helpful.  Today I’m sharing a blend of all of the above. Here goes!

1. Content Marketing World 2013, Sept 9 – 12 

More of a “show” than an event, Content Marketing World takes place each fall in Ohio.

This is my second year attending #CMWorld and I can’t wait! If you’re planning on attending, please Tweet me and let’s meet!

Rumor has it I’ll be yodeling, but we’ll see about that. I usually leave yodeling to my Swiss colleagues…

2. New! RSS for Topic Sections

Product enhancement! We just implemented RSS for Topic Sections so now you and your readers can subscribe either to the entire paper by RSS, or a particular Topic on it. Here’s a quick how-to to get you started.

3. #Back2School with in the Classroom

Well, summer’s over (at least in the northern hemisphere) and school’s back in. To get back in the swing of things my colleague Magda wrote this post on 5 Online Tools for Educators and Students. As a bonus, she includes a list of over 100 tools and apps for the classroom.

Regardless of which side of the desk you sit, here’s a short version of a case study on how Penn State University is using in the Classroom. It’s interesting for both students and educators.  Bonus! Educators can access the full white paper here.

If you are using in the classroom, please me know so I can add you to my

4. We heart our community 

Did you know that we deliver almost 24 hour ’round the clock support to our community from Switzerland? That’s right, that’s where we’re based and it’s true. We make it our business to go out of our way to provide you with support when you need it.

We answer all of your questions, feedback, requests and even gripes the way we would would like to be answered; honestly, with empathy for the situation, with a helpful answer and as quickly as possible.

We just buffed up our team, so now when you send us an email or contact us at support, you’ll meet Julia. And when you FB, Plus or Tweet us, you’ll be greeted by Magda.

Twitter is our number one channel for proving quick tips and trouble shooting to get you going. Tweet us when you need us!

By the way, Julia is in the process of re-organizing our Support Forum and creating a series of how-to videos, like the one below, to better support you.  Leave a comment and let her know which videos she should create next.

5. The #90DaystoEllen Campaign

Last, but not least, I want to share one of the best campaigns I have come across this year;  the 90 Day to Ellen campaign. You may have noticed tweets of support coming from our Twitter account — thanks to all of you joined us in supporting the campaign. We had a great time!

The team and I loved this campaign so much that on day 41 of the campaign, Julia and I wrangled some cows into making a video with us for the campaign. We’re video number 20 on this list.

In short, the goal of the campaign was to prove that real relationships, i.e. a physical meet-up in the form of lunch with television talk host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres, could be fostered via social media by two guys, Bryan Kramer and DJ Waldow, while raising money for charity; Feeding America.

After 90 days and 66 million impressions (on Twitter alone!) the question is — did Ellen say “Yes!”?

No, she didn’t. In fact, she didn’t say a peep. Not even a “No, thank you, I can’t do that because (fill in the blank)…

But set aside the fact that Ellen didn’t say yes or even participate in the campaign, the campaign itself was a clearly a success all the way around.  Money was still raised for Feeding America, a stand-in for Ellen was selected to fill her shoes at the lunch table and a whole lot of good old fashioned networking and digital community building took place over 90 days.

What impressed me the most about this campaign was the outreach and recognition by the 90Days team to each and every person who tweeted, posted or created a piece of content to support the cause.

Grab your favorite drink and sit down for 10 minutes to check out the site. If you are planning a campaign in the future this is a great place to begin for best practices.  And don’t be shy in reaching out to Bryan,  DJ or their “90-Days-to-Ellen-Meme-Master”, Courtney. They are all genuinely helpful, nice people that made us feel right at home participating.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Image: a big thank you to publisher Dorian Staten for creating the 5 Things image for this series. 

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