Summer’s over and you know what that means: goodbye to beach and warm(er) weather and hello Back2School season!

From kindergarten through university, “Back to School”makes for some of sweetest student life memories for both kids and teachers: new friends, new teachers (new students) — and new technologies and apps!

Regardless of which side of the desk you sit, you can make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest online platforms that will aid you in class (and leave everyone around you in awe) with this list of 100 Tools for Learning. I’ve selected my top 5 – let me know what yours are!

5. Storybird

Create stories by using artwork. How cool is that! There are many ways this could be used in the classroom, especially in creative writing or art classes.

Students: Surprise your teacher by incorporating meaningful and dynamic images to your essay projects.

Educators: Storybird is perfect for storytelling. You could have your students create a persuasive ad using images from artwork. Storybird is also great for teaching story elements to the younger kids and practicing by adding characters and showing emotions through images. 

4. Vine

Yes guys! Let’s make a use of new technologies not only to share our lives with friends but also to get our learning on. With Vine you could make really cool videos to use in a variety of ways.

Students: Surprise your class and your professor by adding a Vine video to your presentation. Get creative!

Educators: If you’re a teacher, we recommend you incorporate the use of Vine with activities such as assigning a short clip about a topic. Since it’s only 6 seconds, students will need to really get creative to deliver a good outcome.

3. Learnist

I recently learned about this very cool platform, it’s a “Pinterest marries Wikipedia” of sorts and focuses on sharing valuable information. There’s a variety of topics to choose from and both students and teachers could benefit from finding compilations of documents such as “Learning French” which shares resources for learning French at home. Or more recommendable: you could create your own!

Students: Create tutorials to share with your colleagues or make boards to organize your subjects of study.

Educators: Organize all your multimedia resources in one board, that way time will be saved when you want to present videos or audio to your class. Also, by making them public your students could access them from home. *There’s also a collaboration feature, use it in class!


I have said it before and I will repeat it, I absolutely LOVE lists! There are many ways to use this in the classroom, teachers and students often look for ideas and here you can find several curated lists about any topic.

Educators/Students: For History class, students could make a list about  important personalities they have to study. For Literature, a list of Top 10 Latin American novels or Top 100 Books to Read. Or here’s a list of Ipad apps for the classroom!

The possibilities are endless!


Yes, you guessed this was coming, right? is not only a great tool for curating content but also could serve as a key tool in the classroom. We interviewed Penn State University’s Kate Morgan on her experience using in the classroom in this post, Curating the Classroom.

In fact, her semester was so successful she received national recognition and a white paper was authored by her colleague on in the classroom.

Students: Curate papers together with classmates on any subject. For example Science, Politics, or History.

Educators: Follow Kate’s lead and use for class assignments. Assign a take for your class project and set your paper up as a weekly. The content curated together definitely leads to great class discussions!

Also, be sure not to miss these three great Education papers:

GlobalEdCon News #globaled13 by Lucy Gray

Ed Tech in Action Briefing by Sam Patterson

Social CoMotion | Edu Worldwide by Michele Lorito-Chase

Lastly, and in the spirit of Back to School, grab a coffee and take 8 minutes to watch this amazingly inspirational video of Rita Pierson’s Educator “Call to Action” on why Every Kid Needs a Champion. It’s a great watch for both students and educators!

Are you a student or an educator? What tools do you use on your classroom? Share them with us and happy Back to School!

Photo Credit: Avolore on Flickr

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