Last Sunday while I was flipping through YouTube videos, I came across some short films that really caught my eye. And nope – cute kitties and people falling were not involved.

Over the last few years, YouTube has grown a wide community of content creators who cover a wide variety of formats. From a YouTube search, you can find thousands of videos that go from news shows and comedy skits to users sharing their personal everyday lives on “daily vlogs”.

And of course, my recent discovery – a group of very creative short film makers that kept me craving for more of their work. For today’s post, I decided to put together a Top 10 list (admit it, we all like Top 10 lists!) of my personal favorite “stop-motion” short films.

Check them out:

10. Food about you by AlexandreDUBOSC

9. Post-it Note Arcade by Michael Birken

8. Moleskine Planners by Rogier Wieland

7. Sweet Dreams by kirstenlepore

6. Whiteboard Animation: The Marker Maker by Jonny Lawrence

5. Lego Arcade by MlCHAELHlCKOX

4. Sand Sculptures by junglemap

3. Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie

And for my last 2 favorites, I had to choose the amazing work of PESfilm

2. Academy Award Nominee for Best Animated Short Film “Fresh Guacamole” by PES

1. Western Spaghetti by PES


We’re curious – can you let us know how you find your content and favorite videos? What do you usually watch on YouTube? Do you have a favorite on the list?  Do you know of any other not on this list? Share them with us! 

Oh and I can’t finish this post without highlighting these 3 great publications dedicated to the Film Industry:

Film Industry News & Videos by Jacalyn Evone

The Younge Hollywood Blast by Natasha Younge

The Film Producer Daily by Keith Payson



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  1. Magda Quinones

    Very creative and interesting videos. So far the most amusing blog. Go girl!!!!



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