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Gmail recently launched their new Tabs feature to help users keep email more organized. If you haven’t tried them out yet, or are still trying to make sense of them, here’s a very short video from Michael Stelzner on how to ensure your favorite newsletters and important updates make it straight to your Primary tab.

But before you rush over and start making changes to move all of your newsletters and updates back over to the Primary tab (like I did) stop and think for a minute: isn’t the purpose of Tabs to group your mails, help you de-clutter and be more focused? Hmm.

Speaking of email — did you know that email, not social media, is the most reliable and preferred marketing channel by marketers today to build relationships and prospect clients? It’s true, but one of the major stumbling block for many in getting started is idea generation and finding the time to source content.
Knowing this we launched our Email Newsletter Service a while back as a part of our Pro offering. The service allows you to easily get the most out of your content efforts by automatically turning your online newspaper into a beautiful newsletter, with no extra work. You can also export the html and use it in a third party email service.

Not familiar with the newsletter format? Here’s one for you to check out.

Subject Lines

Round about  245 billion emails are sent out daily worldwide and here at Paper.li we send out 20 million a month on behalf of Paper.li publishers.

So with all that email competition how do you get your emails noticed, and more importantly opened, in a busy email inbox?

With a strong subject line and personalizing the From/ Sender field!

I asked publisher Alice Krueser-Lowe from Art and Design Matters about the importance customizing her paper’s subject line is playing in marketing her paper and she said this:

“The ability to personalize the subject line of our paper is a fantastic feature as it grasps the attention of our readers.  It’s our way of being able to let them know that it’s worth their attention so that the email does not get in their lineup of deletions”

Here’s a tip! Alice hooks me daily with her catchy headlines, which usually are based on the title of the featured article. It’s a great way to give readers a sneak peek of what’s in the edition and the variety of the headline truly keeps me on the alert for her mails. Needless to say, her content is fantastic and that’s what keeps me clicking!

If you’re looking for additional tips on creating “must click” subject lines, check out this Subject Line Study Report by Adestra. It contains the best performing subject line keywords along with a lot of other helpful information on creating stellar marketing emails.

Additionally I’ve created this List.ly of email related facts, figures and reports that you might find useful as well.

Have a great week and let me know how you get on with tabs, subjects lines and your newsletter.

PS. If you’re curious as to how I’m getting on with Tabs;  I haven’t moved any content from the Updates or Promotion tab to my Primary tab (yet).

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