Mashable’s 4th annual Social Media Day is coming up this Sunday, June 30th, and along with it, hundreds of meetups, engaging events and celebrations that will take place simultaneously around the world.

The #smday, which was first celebrated in 2010, is a way to recognize how Social Media has revolutionized our lives.  The arrival of social media has allowed us to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones, more easily tell stories, explore new cultures, share knowledge and it has radically changed the job market and the way business is conducted today.

Here at, we’re joining the celebration by recognizing three of the hottest Social Media papers on the newsstand. See what they are publishing and what they have to say!

 The Social Media News Daily

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Ekaterina Walter, bestselling author of “Think Like Zuck” and co-founder of Branderati, knows a thing or two about engagement and community. She publishes The Social Media News Daily and says

” is a fantastic tool for delivering relevant content to your community. It cultivates current connections and establishes new ones.

The Talking Finger Daily

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 2.33.19 PMBill de Rosa‘s agency, Talking Finger, was named in the Social Media Examiner Small Biz Top 10 for Facebook in 2012 and is one of the most loved papers in the Twitterspere.

The Talking Finger Daily covers an eclectic mix of social media, marketing, technology, science entertainment giving subscribers a varied and fresh mix of news daily. Here’s why Bill has integrated in to his social mix:

“As a user of now for almost two years, I can honestly say I absolutely love it! A simple dashboard to control content, just enough customization to make it a branded asset, and the tools to help promote it across all of my social networks makes this a “must have” in any marketing initiative or campaign.”

The Zein Marketing Daily

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 Alastair McPheat co-founded Zein Marketing with his partner Michelle to provide clients of all sizes a “hassle and red-tape” free experience.  Alastair publishes The Zein Marketing Daily to keep clients in the “Social Media know”. How’s helping Zein Marketing?

“ has helped us enormously with our social media efforts expanding our potential target audience well beyond where we originally planned”.

Be social!

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We want to know your thoughts on Social Media Day. Are you planning to participate in your city’s meetup? Any special guest that you are expecting to meet? Tell us about your plans and let us know how which Social Media services are changing your “day to day” life.

Happy Social Media Day to all!

Magda Alexandra Torres
Magda is a Social Media and Communications professional. Her main interests include corporate communications and social networking. She also enjoys traveling, blogging and learning. You can reach her on: Google+ and @MagdaATQ.

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