LinkedIn has been all over the news these past few weeks, ever since they started their e-mail campaign, sending out messages to their Top of 10% users (at least these are the stats according to them).

You didn’t get an e-mail? Don’t fret, I’ve got you covered. In fact a few people pointed out what a huge opportunity LinkedIn missed out on. Instead of just rubbing the top 10% of their user’s backs, they could have sent out an e-mail to the rest of us, who apparently are not yet using LinkedIn to the fullest, helping us out with some tips and techniques. But they didn’t.

So here are 5 ways how you can improve your LinkedIn experience and get your profile viewed more often:

1. Optimize your headline:

This is the title that shows on the very top of your profile, next to your picture. It is probably the most important piece of real estate on LinkedIn, it defines you and tells people what you bring to the table. Make sure it contains some of your keywords as it is indexed in LinkedIn’s search engine. CFO or VP is not distinctive enough, that’s not what people are searching for.

Here’s an example of a strong headline:

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 11.08.56 AM

2. Use your keywords:

The headline is not the only place that needs to contain your keywords. Other places include:

  • the current and past job positions
  • your summary
  • your specialties
  • your experience and your skills.

Don’t write these texts just for the search engines, that would be overkill, but try to strategically place some of your keywords here and there. In the example above “empowering people”, “life transitions” and “diversity” were some of Agnes’ keywords.

3. Get more visible:

In order to get more views on LinkedIn, you need to be more visible. There are different techniques to be more visible on LinkedIn. Here are a few:

  • Sharing valuable content via status-updates: Just like on any of the other social networks, the idea is to share valuable information with your network. Have you just published a blog post? Or read an interesting article? Or viewed in inspiring video on Youtube? Then just share it with your network on LinkedIn! Most of the time you’ll find a “LinkedIn share button” but if you don’t, you can always post it manually.
  • Use Groups for discussions or to share your content: Groups are an excellent way to position yourself as a thought leader in your field by participating in interesting discussions or sharing your blog posts on relevant groups.
  • Endorsements: Yes, I still have mixed feelings about these endorsements too, but if we think outside of the box, don’t just use them the way LinkedIn suggest we do, then they have real potential. So only endorse people you really know and only for their real skills. By doing that you’re of course doing them a favor, but your name and photo will now also be listed in the skill section of their profile. Another opportunity for more clicks to your profile.
  • Recommendations: When you recommend a person on LinkedIn, that recommendation gets seen by your network and the other person’s network. There’s no better way for increasing your visibility. Well, maybe receiving a great recommendation would top that, but in order to receive you need to give first, we all know that.
  • Comment on other people’s status updates: Last but not least, interact with your connections via your newsfeed. You can like, comment on and share people’s updates. With each interaction you are increasing your visibility, since you’ll appear on the newsfeed of your connections.

4. Profile views & outreach

Views are nice, but connections are better. So if someone has viewed your profile, but didn’t actually invite you to connect, maybe the person was just too shy to reach out to you. Why don’t you take the first step: invite them to connect and personalize the default LinkedIn message by saying something like

“I’ve noticed you took a peek at my profile and I did the same. Why don’t we connect here? I’d love to add you to my network”.


Once in your network, your connection will now receive your updates on their newsfeed.

5. The number that really counts

traffic source sarahOf course the ultimate goal on LinkedIn is to get people to read your profile, get interested enough to click over to your website. So what LinkedIn doesn’t tell you, but what’s in my opinion more important than the number of views you get, is the number of referrals you get from LinkedIn to your website.

You find that number in your Google Analytics, under Traffic Sources/Sources/Referrals and there look for This is the number you really want to monitor and work towards increasing it.




Now it’s your turn – which other ways are you using to increase your visibility on LinkedIn? What’s working for you?

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Sarah Santacroce
Sarah Santacroce runs Simplicity and helps entrepreneurs & specifically coaches to find their place in today’s online world: increase their online presence and brand awareness, understand the ins and outs of Social Media and how it can increase their leads and help them understand the complexity of Internet Marketing. She frequently speaks at virtual conferences & webinars about social media, small business & online presence. Read Sarah's latest blog posts.

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4 Responses to “5 Ways (for the other 90%) to Increase Linkedin Views”

  1. Kelly Hungerford

    Sarah, thanks so much for taking the time to contribute to our blog and give us 90%ers some actionable tips and advice.

    I do think LinkedIn missed an opportunity. I would have loved to have received an email giving me a few tips on what I can do better. It’s surprising that they don’t offer more tips themselves.

    They tell me I’m a rockstar every time I log-in and view my profile — and that is only because my profile is complete, but they’ve never let me know what more I could be doing to get more views!

    Seeing that I am not one of that coveted top 10, I guess I had better get to work making some changes. Thank you!

    • Sarah Santacroce

      you’re very welcome, Kelly. Thanks for the opportunity to share with the community ! Yes, I also think that LinkedIn missed an opportunity !

  2. profesional web design

    Make sure your LinkedIn Profile is complete and includes all the roles you have had. You are 12 times more likely to be viewed for potential opportunities if you have more than one position listed on your profile. Also, add a profile photo –
    people never forget a face.


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