You spoke, we listened and last month we launched Pro, the first phase of our premium services. We are really excited about the amount of publishers who have taken the plunge, like the team at Zein Marketing, and upgraded papers to Pro. Thank you community!

We received hundreds of product feature requests from you over the past months and regardless of industry, or the size of the company, the message was clear: publishers wanted affordable, no hassle features that would amplify content curation efforts and support content marketing efforts.

So we took three features that unanimously surfaced across all conversations

  • control over advertising
  • extended visual branding
  • ability to review before publishing

and launched our pay-per-paper service for $9.00 USD monthly. We’re having a blast discovering new Pro papers and thought we would share a few with you!

So who’s upgrading to Pro? 

Tea lovers, social workers, actressessmall businesses and non-profits such as Water Aid and anyone who is interested in taking their paper to the next level in terms of control over branding and advertising.

Internet marketing expert Rich Brooks recently wrote a post and created a video on How (and Why) to Upgrade to Pro. Sometimes our publishers say it best, so check out what Rich has to say!

Looking for a few more examples? Then here are another handful of publishers, and papers, that caught our eye this week. They are all unique and visually compelling statements for upgrading. Pro is just the first step in premium features and you can count on more great functionality to roll out in the near future.

In the coming weeks we will interview “Publishers-gone-Pro” on the Community Blog to learn how the new functionality is helping them to reach their goals. Stay tuned!

As always, we count on your feedback and comments to keep us moving in the right direction.  Keep them coming. We love hearing from you.

Kelly Hungerford
Community Builder| Customer Experience & Care Strategist
Kelly's a Digital Operations Specialist and Social Brand Strategist. She helps Startups and SMBs build lean marketing operations leveraging Social Media to support business goals and connect with the people who matter most.

As former Head of Community and Communications for, she was responsible for building community-centric operations to support's rapidly growing user-base and founding #BizHeroes,'s Brand Twitter Chat that takes place Tuesdays at 2pm ET.

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8 Responses to “Make a Splash With Pro!”

  1. Brandon Koots

    I wanted to say that it is great that you guys made this option possible. I am the publisher of Gardening News and Tips. I’ve started using this last month. I wanted to use this paper to learn more people about gardening. So they can start growing too! And to get more visitors on my blog. And with the banners, I’m reaching my goal! The discussion corner gives me the opportunity to know what my readers think about my blog. Now I can also edit my paper before it gets published. To make sure my readers gets only the information they are looking for. Thanks again for this and thanks for putting my paper in the list in this post!

  2. Kelly Hungerford

    HI Brandon,

    Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it! We’re thrilled to hear Pro is helping you reach new audiences, engage and drive traffic to your blog.

    Keep up the good publishing and great curation. Not only are your articles well chosen but your video gallery is really great, too.

  3. Giorgio Guzzetta

    I used for a while now (not going pro yet) and I think that one thing missing is the possibility to customize the groups (such as HEADLINES, EDUCATION, POLITICS etc. in Digital Humanities Daily – – ). I was interested, for instance, in putting together a MOOCs section separated from the main EDUCATION one, sort of “to know more” thing…
    But I couldn’t do it…

  4. Terence Milbourn

    Two important things I want to ask and they can both be done really easily ~

    A) Please give charities and social causes a free upgrade to the Pro version, as part of your SRP, and

    B) Please make an RSS feed available for each paper so that we can spread the news far and wide, and others can read the paper in their favorite RSS reader.

    Thanks for listening.


  5. Kelly Hungerford

    Hi Giorgio and Terence,

    Sorry for the delay. Your comments just came through now. (Blogger blooper!)

    Giorgio, the section titles are not customizable at this point. We are looking into that though.

    Terence, we are working looking into an RSS for papers. You’re not the first user to request that. We’ll see what we can do.

    Regarding the pricing we tried to keep the papers as affordable as possible at 9$ per paper so that any sized organization or charity would be able to afford the service. We hope this will work for you.

    If you have further suggestions or comments you can reach our team at

    Thanks for your comments!

  6. Terence Milbourn

    Its a moot point since I can no longer log in to ~ The system only offers me a choice of Twitter or Facebook logins and when I try either I get this message “The token URL or xdReceiver has not been whitelisted”. I have no idea what that means or why its occurred.

  7. Terence Milbourn

    I found the problem ~ not your fault.

    I use Comodo Dragon which is secure version of Google Chrome browser at—Introduction.html and, unfortunately, I had simply switched off the “allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)” and that was the result.

    When I switched back on again I could log in, but now I switched it back off again, and it works OK here. Must have been just a part of login process that was missing.



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