Cendrine Marrouat, who authored 5 Ideas to Brand Yourself With Paper.li, is back to help you generate more traffic to your blog.

She recently released The Little Big eBook on Blogging: 40 Traffic Generation Tips, a comprehensive resource that provides bloggers of all levels with essential information and precise guidance to attract quality traffic to their blogs.

Blogs have been around since the mid-1990s. What are some  cutting-edge techniques for generating traffic?

I would say anything involving tools that cater to our predominantly visual society: videos (live streaming in particular), podcasts, slide shows — and content curation platforms like Paper.li.

In this day and age, people want to be entertained and paid attention to. They want to find and read content that is both appealing and meets their needs. And they want this content quickly and easily accessible.

No cutting-edge technique will work if you do not make your blog a part of your branding strategy. Think of your blog as your shop window, the place where potential customers see you in action and get a good idea of your expertise and what you can do for them.

How have traffic generation strategies changed?

Even though the tools we use keep improving, traffic generation strategies and techniques have not changed much. Blogging remains a human experience. It is and always will be one of the greatest platforms to build relationships based on personal and relatable stories.

One of the pieces of advice I always give to students (I teach social media 101) and clients is to “Say less and show more.” What does it mean? In a nutshell, forget the swagger, and remember your audience.

What will be the next big trends?

To be honest, I do not know. I usually like to go with the flow without making predictions.

One thing of which I am sure, though, is that blogs will continue to be very relevant. They might even take complete precedence over websites. Serious bloggers will also have to harness the power of content curation if they want to be able to reach audiences successfully. Competition is getting fiercer and fiercer by the day!

Could you share some actionable steps to help bloggers increase traffic?

There are many ways to increase traffic to a blog. I will share six that have worked for me.

  1. Choose the right blogging platform. This a critical step that no one can afford to skip. There are a few great platforms out there, like WordPress and Tumblr. However, each has its pros and cons. So, consider your options carefully.
  2. Learn search engine optimization techniques. To increase traffic, you have to be found. As such, you must turn search engines into your best friends by using proven techniques that make your blog relevant for them.
  3. Write with your audience in mind. It is all about making your content relatable. If your readers do not understand you, they will never come back.
  4. Provide a variety of different posts. From experience, I can tell you that visitors like variety. Providing it through articles will help you build up a loyal audience.
  5. Be active on other people’s blogs and on social networks. A blogger that shows no interest in other blogs is usually frowned upon. While you do not need to spend hours reading and commenting every day, try to do it once or twice a week. And do not forget to interact on social networks as well!
  6. Monitor online conversations. Do you know what people say about your blog, and who shares your articles? If not, time to keep an eye on conversations. This will help you create good engagement with your readers and attract new ones.

You will find more information on these points in my eBook.

Here are 5 simple tips to promote your blog content efficiently.


Do different styles of blog, like corporate, require different strategies?

I think it actually depends on the audience you are looking to reach. When you know your target market, you can tailor your strategies and techniques more efficiently.

However, there are some things that will always work, no matter what kind of blog you have: guest blogging, newsletters, press releases, and social bookmarking buttons.

What are the most important factors in getting readers and why?

Rather than sharing the usual tips that most people already know, I would rather talk about the common traits successful bloggers share:

  • They see the big picture and stick to their long-term plans.
  • They treat others the way they would like to be treated.
  • They are not afraid of letting their unique voice shine.
  • They value all their readers and communicate with them.
  • They value partnerships and reciprocity.
  • They always share the new things they learn.
  • And most importantly, they give credit where credit is due.

At the end of the day, traffic numbers are irrelevant. What matters is your authenticity and your ability to keep readers coming back.

How can bloggers hang on to readers after their first visit?

First, allow them to subscribe to your blog. Then, it is all about providing quality content, making your stories relatable, being helpful, answering comments, and practicing gratitude.

Can Paper.li help bloggers generate traffic?

Absolutely! Paper.li can do wonders for your blog. For example, I use it as a monitoring tool. Every day, I check out my newspapers and the ones to which I am subscribed. I click and read the articles, leave comments on the blogs (and always include the link to mine), and then share the content on social networking and bookmarking sites. Authors and other readers will often respond to my comments and may also end up checking my blog.

This is only one way to use Paper.li for traffic generation purposes. There are many others which I wrote about in my guest post.

How did you start blogging? What keeps you blogging?

I started blogging because I wanted to share some of my literary writings. Then, as time went by, my focus changed. However, it was only in 2009 that I decided to specialize in social media for entrepreneurs (including independent artists) and small businesses.

What keeps me blogging? The desire to help others, build relationships with like-minded individuals, and establish my expertise and brand. Writing is a passion that I will take to the grave with me, I think.

What do you do when you are not blogging?

I am a writer by profession. So, when I am not blogging, I am always doing something related to writing or social media. I spend a big chunk of my days reading articles on other blogs, curating content, connecting with people in my niche, and checking out what happens on social networks.


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Cendrine Marrouat, The Little Big eBook on BloggingYou can receive a free extract from Cendrine’s book by subscribing to her website.

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