You spend time curating your Twitter list, editing your content and fine-tuning your paper, but then the question of how you will promote it on Twitter arises: auto-tweet or manual tweet.

We frequently hear from publishers debating which way to go and also wondering if the auto-tweet is an effective call to action at all.  Although we probably can’t help you decide which method is going to work best for your readership, we can share this:

According to a study by Dan Zarrella, tweets with the words “daily is out” have more than a 30% higher CTR than those without. Wow!

How to increase CTR on Twitter, the Dan Zarrella way

In late 2011, Dan analysed 200,000 tweets containing a link to see which words, phrases or characters increased (or decreased) click-through rates.

If you aren’t familiar with Dan, he’s HubSpot’s “social media scientist”. He studies the statistics behind activity on Twitter and other social media to draw conclusions about what motivates people to click.

He’s also the author of Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas, which is well worth a quick read; if you don’t want to buy the e-book, Dan has made most of the information available on his blog.

In Dan’s study, he concludes:

“Perhaps the most surprising thing I found is that Tweets that contained the words “daily is out” (which is the signature of the automated Tweets) had much higher CTRs [click-through rates] than Tweets that did not. It turns out, works, at least for driving clicks.”

Dan also highlighted the fact that the auto-tweet contains at least three @ mentions, which helps:

“Somewhat unsurprisingly, Tweets specifically directed at a person tend to have a higher CTR since I’m much more likely to pay attention to a Tweet if it’s sent to me. This is probably the reason the Tweets do so well, they tend to contain 3 @-mentions.”

In January 2012 he updated his findings and concluded:

“Of all the words and phrases I analysed, the phrase that had the greatest positive effect on CTR was from tweets ‘daily is out’.”

Dan shares a lot of other great information on how to get the most out of your Tweets as well, such as

  • the optimal character length in a tweet
  • link placement
  • Tweet frequency
  • keyword and phrase placement
This infographic is definitely worth looking at if you are interested in increasing your CTR.

Depending on your audience and how you are using, this information may help you to decide which way to promote your online newspaper.  However, a continuous and loyal readership will ultimately depend on the quality of your publication: the time you invest in curating your sources and editing your paper.

You can be sure there is another post coming soon on that topic!

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    • Kelly at

      Thanks Crystal,

      Dan provides us all with a lot of great information and useful, practical advice on how to get the most out of our Tweets. It is definitely information everyone can benefit from!

      Personally I’ve put his link placement advice to work and I have to say that he’s on to something there!


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