Last fall we interviewed publisher, Kate Morgan, an educator at Penn State who was using in the classroom as a part of her digital learning strategy. What started as a class project to inspire her students has put Kate on the map as a thought leader and innovator in education amongst her colleagues, peers and faculty.

Kate’s success in incorporating digital media into the lesson plan was so great that the “Morgan Methodology” has become the campus vernacular for “curating tweets using” and Kate has been invited to speak and present her work with in the classroom at the upcoming Penn State Teaching with Technology Symposium: Embracing Change and the Culture of Teaching and Learning. (3 cheers for Kate!)

Today, in more than 30 states across the US, two million students and thousands of educators will come together for events organized around Digital Learning Day; a nationwide celebration of innovative teaching and learning through digital media and technology aimed at engaging students.

Various activities at both a local and national level, are planned to roll-out stateside to build attention and awareness around on-going projects, thought leaders, digital tool kits, success stories and numerous other innovative programs and resources that can help provide richer and more engaging learning experiences for students.

We are fortunate to learn about the opportunities and inspiration that curated digital content is bringing to students, teachers, academics and administrators on a daily basis here at Run a quick search for “education” on the newsstand and you’ll find pages of results for newspapers published around the topic of education. Each paper with its own unique story to tell and goal to reach.

This is an exciting time for the field of education and we are proud to lend a hand where we can to promote digital learning in, out, and for the classroom.

Drop us a line and share your digital learning stories with us and the community. We look forward to hearing them and honoring the great people and organizations making them happen worldwide.

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  1. Greg

    Just discovering and appreciate reading about how it is used in education. Kudos to you and to Kate Morgan!


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