This interview is part of an exclusive series is doing with the CulturaDigital.Br festival in Rio is CulturaDigital.Br’s media partner and is bringing our community a taste of the keynote speakers’ talks ahead of the event.

Philippe Aigrain is a passionate advocate of the right to share digital works and a promoter of new policies for the internet age. He is also CEO of Sopinspace, Society for Public Information Spaces, which develops free software and provides services for democratic processes and collaborative work over the Internet.

He talks to about a world beyond the ‘piracy’ of headlines and courtroom wrangles, ahead of a talk he will give at CulturaDigital.Br on Sunday.


What if we consider that sharing a digitally published work in one’s possession with other individuals is a fundamental right?

What if we break away from the idea of compensating the entertainment right holders for supposed harms resulting from sharing?

What is a reasonable reward and financing model for sustaining a many-to-all cultural society?

 (From the website of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, introducing a talk by Philippe.) 

Philippe Aigrain is interviewed by on our Community Site !


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