We’ve taken our already great web optimized mobile reader as the base and added a few more bells and whistles to make reading your favorite publications even more enjoyable.

Push notifications, in-site browsing and better integrated sign-in are just a few of the new comforts readers will experience with the app.

So, check out the app store and let us treat you, and your readers, to fresh news daily on the iPhone today!
As always, we look forward to your feedback. And don’t forget… if you like it, rate it!

Kelly Hungerford
Community Builder| Customer Experience & Care Strategist
Kelly's a Digital Operations Specialist and Social Brand Strategist. She helps Startups and SMBs build lean marketing operations leveraging Social Media to support business goals and connect with the people who matter most.

As former Head of Community and Communications for Paper.li, she was responsible for building community-centric operations to support Paper.li's rapidly growing user-base and founding #BizHeroes, Paper.li's Brand Twitter Chat that takes place Tuesdays at 2pm ET.

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24 Responses to “Paper.li iPhone App Available Now!”

  1. d3dhemmer

    Nice to see, I have to use iPad; no iPhone …. Android to follow googles hardware intensions.
    Problem, after log in I see not my paper.li`s I see someone else’s!
    so I attached them by search and favorite……

  2. Bettybot

    The app crashes every time I touch a headline/title to read it; an empty “about:blank” page opens that cannot be navigated away from by the “Done” button. This occurs across all my iOS devices. Reinstall did not fix

  3. Anastasios

    Hi there, I face some problems with logins – I use my accounts details but when I go to the profile, another user/paper comes on the home page. Any suggestions?

  4. Kelly at Paper.li

    Anastasios and StockMania2008 – we recognize that there is an issue and are working on a fix for you. We hope to have that out to you asap.

    Graywave, we don’t have a widget for advertising the App on your daily directly. Interesting idea though, thank you.

  5. Kelly at Paper.li

    Hi Folks,

    The latest version of the app, 1.0.4, is available on the store. This version corrects any login errors you might have experienced.

    Let us know how it works for you.

  6. Charlie

    Just another vote for the Android version of the app. Especially since there are more Android phones being used than iOs phones these days. Thanks!

  7. fUdGe

    Any plans to get it published on other App Stores too? In france, it is not available! Damn country restrictions from hell!!!!

    • Kelly Hungerford

      Hi Silvermondfee,

      We discontinued our native app when we implemented responsive paper layout, allowing more flexibility and accessibility across OS and screens.

      We are currently working on some improvements for users on mobile devices — you can expect to see those the next couple of months. Stay tuned!

  8. Nancy

    When will an Android app be available? Or if it already available, can someone show me the link to the ap, for instance can’t find it on Google Play Store?

  9. Carlos Gato

    Any plans to re-introduce an Iphone App? This would make the process of posting online (especially when going through your drafts) much more simplified.

  10. Paul

    When will the Android version be available? This is preventing me (and I imagine many others) from purchasing the pro version.

    • Magda Alexandra Torres

      Hi Paul,

      Paper.li is responsive on all mobiles but we currently don’t have a Paper.li app. It may be on the works, though! So stay tuned! Thanks for your feedback.


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