We just released the possibility for paper editors (creators) to add an editorial comment – Editor’s note – to any paper edition. Share your thought of the day, what is important to you today, what your readers should be aware of, …

To add such a note, you need to be signed in, and have editing rights for the paper. Look for the green Add editor’s note button:

You will then be provided with a form to enter a title and/or text comment:

Resulting in something like this:

Note the that some basic html markup or textile formatting is supported.

This is a very first step in providing more editorial control to paper editors – based on your feedback, we are looking into layout customization, branding, manual curation of individual content items and more generally being able to define precisely what should go into your paper and what not.


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12 Responses to “Add an editorial comment to your paper”

  1. Robert

    Perhaps you could come up with a bookmarklet that would work with any link on any web page, and/or integration with instapaper. I add all interesting content to Instapaper, because it is particularly well supported on my mobile twitter clients. It would be wonderful to see a paper.li made from that content.

  2. TimInAtl

    I would be great to have the option to add an “editors comment” or such (i.e. a disclamer, note to readers, etc) for the paper that remains constant for ever new issue is published and doesn’t need updating every day.

  3. Iskander

    TimInAtl – check the editor’s note window now – we just deployed a small change that allows you to define the note as permanent (checkbox). Hope this answers your request.

  4. Iskander

    Robert – bookmarklet and Instapaper integration are good ideas (and you are not alone) – so something that is on our to do list.

  5. sam

    will we ever get to pick the delivery time and day for a newspaper delivery? specifically the time and day for a weekly delivered paper?

  6. Jeff SKI Kinsey

    Thank you… thank you, thank you. The only other item I requested was the ability to insert my advertisement into my paper.

    … waiting somewhat patiently …

    Thanks again, it is appreciated!


  7. Niveeik

    Just what I was thinking and needed!

    As long as I can not select specific news from the stream plus edit the headlines and bylines; the current application will only be useful to me as a dynamic homepage and I won’t be able to build a subscriber base.

    Great that more editorial control is coming!

    All the best,


  8. senexx

    I’m going back through the previous blog posts and I’m pleased to see that the ability to select the Day & the Time that the paper is delivered is being worked on.

    Of course you can set the time at present but not the day which is a hindrance if you wish to run a Weekly Paper.

    So I’m very thankful that it is something that is being worked on. Thanks for the consideration.


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