Happy to announce that Paper.li co-won yesterday the LeWeb10 Startups Competition (Judges here…).
Bravo to our 2 co-winners @Waze and @Super_Marmite : fantastic ideas, clever executions and great people!

We spend a truly extraordinary couple of days in Paris presenting paper.li and what we envisage for its near future. Once again we were amazed by its popularity and how it continues to inspire smart collaboration ideas to so many people and businesses…

LeWeb is definitively a Must. Congrats to @Geraldine, @Loic and team. You guys rock !


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9 Responses to “#1 for Virality, Paper.li co-won LeWeb Startups Competition”

  1. Susan

    Really love what you are doing but I don’t understand “points”. Are we only allowed 7 issues before our paper shuts down?

  2. onlythesangfroid

    I just discovered this today and am overwhelmed by how amazing it is.

    Any plans for an iPad app? I’d love to be able to subscribe to a few different papers and have them upload automatically for me to read…

    I’m about to quit my job; looking for a communication strategist from Australia?

  3. Online NewsDesk

    Well done guys. 18 years ago Switzerland gave birth to our first interactive newspaper. Happy to see they are again on the front line …


    Lucio Menin

  4. Brenda

    Congratulations on winning the startup competition at LeWeb 10. I now have three papers; one Twitter and two Facebook. I am getting other people to start papers and some of the people I follow and follow me, have started papers. I look forward to new features and am trying out different topics to make papers.

  5. Eric

    Loic thank you for allowing me to discover through paper.li leweb10. I’m testing uses professional

    Ptit Déj Practice Network Paris and players in a circle paper.li uses collective intelligence to automatically create a log on their news business http://bit.ly/b9jyOC

    EcoleSup, le journal http://bit.ly/hQcv7Z

  6. marketing4health

    I have set up several paper.li for clients and it is creating a lot of buzz and traffic. My only suggestion is to find a way to add the author’s Twitter username to the article. Tweeps who post somebody else’s article and get credit for it in the paper sometimes end up sending me messages that they didn’t write the article, so I end up having to explain the process. Any plans on fixing this?


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